I've been reading the cisfootball forum for some time , not sure if I should join, scared to be rougeetored by the many Laval cocky die-hard fans !


Q conference :

LAVAL : Cocky as ever ! Only Laval can beat it itself !!

Well !! Benoit Groulx , the 35 pounds overweight porky QB, is hurt !! So fat after eating mom's meat pie all summer ... SHAME

Fortunately for R&O fans , the back-up QB Cesar - hernandez - de la puta, has been ousted by a rookie QB, Bruno Prud'homme . No one can be a great QB with a name like that !! Remember Jake Del'homme LOL

ConU : new uniforms won't do it !! Mcgrath out after the season

Sherby : Improvement overrated !

Mcgill : great school , but to finish LAST

Bishopssss : We love you guys !!

Carabins : Watch out !! they lost some key players , the're about to send a message :

next week when they beat ConU 20-13 and in October at the CEPSUM when they shock the CIS by beating the ROUZÉOR 24-3 !! YESSSSS


CARABINS - ROUGE É OR human matcups the NIKKI'S


Nikki Demers : unbelievable story . Young korean adopted .... GEEZZZZ

Just check on GOOGLE ....


Nikki Bisaillon : Arrested by the Quebec city Police after the pre-season game against the SASK Huskies ( someone fell from the third floor in an apartment in the poor-welfared area of Montcalm near Cartier street ). Nikki had a fight with the policemen , was arrested for fighting with the policemen )
He was allowed to play the 2006 season since the ROUGÉOR management put some pressure on the ministere de la Justice to delay the trial after the football season . Nikki Bizzi was a key factor in the ROUZÉOR victory in the Q conference game against CON-U and also in the VC where he returned a punt for a big gain at the end of the game .... Helped by an obvious clip unseen by the refs ..... TOWRISS was so mad !!

But this is a new season

Go Carabins !! Kill the ROZIES !!