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Likely the all of the above. Board, president and AD together.

Their final demands seemed to be coming from those directions. There was little doubt this would be the conclusion. When they refused to have a separate board for the football program it was pretty much doomed. They have a philosophy that the athletics department is a whole and no program can be favoured over the others.

Which is obviously not compatible with a separate management structure for one of their programs. And also not compatible with distinct funding.

The fit wasn't there, philosophically speaking. We have no choice but to respect that.
They would not be the only place where there is some objection to football being given special snowflake status in the athletics department. Of course, the reality is that football is a bit of a different beast given the costs and the size of the team, but those differences don't necessarily mean there needs to be a complete separation from the rest of the athletics department. Each sport is unique in their own ways.

Unfortunately, without the private support and management, there will be no football at UQTR. The university certainly isn't going to start a program with their own money, and the private interests are probably unwilling to donate the necessary money to the athletics department while having no say in the program.