How do you guys (and gals) have it?

There's not a whole lot of information to go by at this point in time but here's a shot at it :

Laval - They lost last year, bet against them at your own risks.
Montreal - They won last year, some measure of respect, return loads of offensive weapons. Depth on both lines could become an issue.
Calgary - They return a loaded team, will be interesting to see shifts in schemes.
Western - Senior star QB gets his shot at leading the Evil Ponies back to glory once again, hopefully he stays healthy.
Guelph - Nice progressing team, Jazz being gone will only help them.
Saskatchewan - Kinda bullish on Dogs this year in wide open CW.
UBC - This is not an empty cupboard Nill got when he took the job. Year 1 of the O'Connor show.
Ottawa - On their way back to respectability.
Mount Allison - Another step forward for Kelly Jeffries' team. If they actually do take it the rest of the AUS could very well be in a world of hurt.
Concordia - Provided their best players don't all get injured again this year.

Going up :
McGill - they work damn hard at it but they are still a few recruiting classes away from any kind of comeback. Line play could be particularly painful to watch.
Carleton - Barely out of top 10. Those successful recruiting classes will pay dividends soon. The time when we see what Sunarah can do with all the toys is coming.

Going down :
Sherbrooke - that ship is slowly sinking, poor investments in coaching and even poorer recruiting are killing this team. Final year of Da Messiah.

Where are they going?
SMU - any word on whether this school still fields a football team?