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They have been a very young team and a bit of an over-achiever. Some people think because Laurier has improved it will automatically continue. I tend to think they have reached a plateau and will find it much more difficult to improve on 4-4.

The coaches are doing a good job with the talent they have. But they don't have the talent to compete with the top tier. And recruiting, while improved, is not elite. But they appear to be doing the right things when it comes to recruiting but [without lots of helmets & jerseys ] the improvement will continue to be gradual. There haven't been many 4th and 5th year guys in the program since Faulds took over but some of them have been very talented and hugely important. Laurier could send several [up to 4] to the CFL this year and there isn't equivalent talent to replace the losses.

IMO the Golden Hawks remain middle of the pack and continue to fight for a playoff spot in the near future. They could rise above those expectations when they have a mature roster if they find a talented QB. Team Canada QB Liam Putt who signed with Windsor was exactly what they needed. 2016 QB propsect Nathan Rourke, "the next Will Finch", would make a world of difference for WLU but the competition will be VERY tough.
Looks like the football gods are shining down on Windsor.... As far as Rourke, if he continues to do well, I imagine he'll head down south.