I know it's pure speculation at this point but I'm bored and want to dwell into how I think teams will fare going into the season. With a lot of new faces going deep into the playoffs this year I'll discuss the teams by conference and would like to see what others have to say.
2014 OUA Standings

McMaster 7-1
Guelph 7-1
Western 6-2
Windsor 5-3
Ottawa 5-3
Laurier 4-4
Carleton 4-4
Queen's 3-5
Toronto 2-6
Waterloo 1-7
York 0-8

It's hard to see things going very differently in the OUA this year. Your top dogs in Mac, Western, Guelph and the addition of Ottawa and potentially Laurier and Windsor should remain the dominant teams. Carleton is on the rise and has potential to show a new team this season. The lower end teams in York, Waterloo, Queens and Toronto will have a lot of work to do if they want to compete in this conference.

2014 RSEQ Standings

Laval 7-1
Montreal 7-1
Sherbrooke 5-3
Concordia 5-3
Bishop's 1-7
McGill 0-8

The rise of Montreal was the story of this conference last year, although it will be interesting to see how Laval retaliates to their shocking loss. Concordia put together a respectable season although injuries took their toll towards the end of their season. Sherbrooke should stay consistent as a middle of the pack team. McGill and Bishop's have become the bottom feeders and will need to improve significantly to compete in the always tough RSEQ.

2014 Canada West Standings

Calgary 6-2
Saskatchewan 6-2
Manitoba 4-4
Regina 3-5
Alberta 3-5
UBC 2-6

The always exciting Canada West conference was shook up by Manitoba's late season dominance and surprising playoff run. Calgary failed to maintain their long running streak as Hardy Cup Champions and Manitoba nearly went to the Vanier Cup. Alberta made impressive strides in becoming a competitive team and put together impressive games with the top teams. Saskatchewan had a great season but once again lost to the Bisons in the Hardy Cup Semifinal. Regina and UBC showed flashes of success but will need a lot of work to become contenders. The addition of Blake Nill as HC at UBC will help them significantly.
MY PICK FOR TOP TEAM: Very hard to pick. Manitoba/Calgary

2014 AUS Standings
Mount Allison 8-0
StFX 4-4
Acadia 3-5
St Mary's 0-8

Mount Allison was a dominant force in the AUS last season. Some games were close but Mt A always seemed to pull through when needed. With a young team and many returning stars it's hard to see things going different on the East coast. StFX and Acadia competed with each other well while St Mary's had one of their worst seasons in program history.