I've been saying for years that the R&O has 2 stadiums where it enjoys homefield advantage.
It took long enough but I'm finally vindicated , and by Radio-Canada , no less !!

A Brief recap of the R&O owning of the nice patch of grass in Sherby
2004 47-13
2005 33-3
2006 38-6
2007 33-14
2008 N/A No game laval @ Sherb because both both teams were in interlock that year
2009 22-5
2010 36-6 that year Sherby had its best game ever against Laval, in the Dunsmore @ Telus, losing 22-17
2011 40-27
2012 48-10 Sherby surprised Mtl in Semi winning at the Cepcum..to reach Dunsmore @ Telus & lose 40-17

2013 20-0 Really tough year,Sherby had to wait until its last game of the year to win at home (vs the Stingers who finished 0-8)
The sole bright spot was their win at the Cepcum, screwing the Carabins out of a home playoff game.

2014 43-1 And now finally, after a decade, Radio-Can finally recognize what I been saying, since 2005.
The proof can be found in the very 1st line of the article about the game last weekend
Le Rouge et Or de l'Université Laval a écrasé le Vert & Or de l'Université de Sherbrooke 43-1, samedi après-midi, au stade Telus.
I've been keeping an eye on it since it came out, and it's very telling I think, that no one has even bothered to protest or ask the SRC to
correct the mistake