Where has summer gone? I was barely used to it being July, and now there are meagre hours left in August. Exhibition games have been played, and the OUA has to start a week early due to having an odd number of teams. I keep encountering a longing for the OHT27 on various threads. I attribute that to the OHT27 being the most authoritative source for CIS football rankings anywhere in the universe.

The opening post of the season should always include links to the past threads. Reading these would both bring back memories and provide further enlightenment.
2009 thread
2010 thread
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Thus far, these are the pre-season results I have compiled:
McGill 35 Toronto 33 [link]
Concordia 25 Queens 18 [link]
Montreal 38 Guelph 10 [lnk]
Carleton 53 York 11 [link]
Acadia 34 Saint Mary's 5 [link]
Mount Allison 15 St. F-X 8 [link]
Laval 35 Calgary 23 [link]
Regina 40 Alberta 28 [link]

What does this tell us?

Well, the OHT27 decision desk has issued proclamation #1: The York Lions are jambronis! They lost by 42 points to a team that went 0-8 last year. Yes, it's only exhibition. But Cartoon U couldn't beat a good high school team that badly.

I also surmise that the OUA may well be a competitive disaster this year. What will happen when York plays a half-decent team?

Meanwhile, what about the Q? Bishop's loses a lot of talent, and McGill and Concordia were expected to be weak. It looked like a down year, with Sherbrooke being mediocre and Montreal and Laval having a 2-horse race. The 2-horse race will no doubt happen. However, the rest of the conference still appears a level up on the "O".

We will find out where the teams fit in when the "O" starts for real on Monday, the CW on Friday, and the Q&A a week from today.

This leads to the big question: Which of Hollywood's fans will be this year's lovely assistants? In 2009 Sarah Palin, everybody's favourite milf at the time. In 2010 there was a selection of supermodels and celebrities. 2011 was the year of the card girls. Then came two years of a Canadiana motif. 2012 was for various Canadian entertainers, and 2013 for pro wrestling divas. Stay tuned for this year's sidekicks.