A team lives and dies with their coaches. This year has been a different year with Nill - down 75 lbs - and a more mellow man as well. His more easy-going side has helped. Marshall obviously was not prepared for the Mitchell Bowl and the team showed it.

The Dinos are a different team with Buckley in at QB. If you remember, at the end of the game (4th Q) in the Mitchell Bowl last year in Mac, he came in and threw a number of nice balls and it was in a losing effort as the game was already in the bag. This kid can throw, and he is cool under pressure. They have an exceptional short passing game and this could hurt Laval. It has not been stopped all year. They run play-action and can go deep if they need to as well. Look for the running games to be a stalemate and the passing game to be the difference as I will take Buckley over Skinner (based on my limited time seeing him in games Exhibition, and league). Could be a great battle.