So it is that you receive us to give us... I mean to play for the Uteck Bowl.

On one hand, Laval is the defending champion. They have the arguably best defense in the country.


Laval has never won a Uteck in the atlantic. Laval has a well known intolereance to potatoe fields... Pardon me. I mean to field that look like overused minefield.

So I hereby invite you, Mount Allison fans to an Avatar Challenge.

Since Laval is Goliath reputedly and Mount Allison is little David, I hope some will give a little edge in the challenge.

The rules are:

To participate, you reply "I'm In".

The winner must be magnanimous.

The loser will put on an Avatar of Laval... I mean of the winner or one especially offered by one of the winners that did bet his or her Avatar.

For One week, the Mount Allison fan... oops. The loser will wear said Avatar and post every day in this thread. What's more, the post will have to be a praise of the winning team. By the way, Laval is a palindrome isn't acceptable anymore since it was used by CSTBrophy. (we're not getting any younger)

If you miss a day, You have to post two praises the next day. Be careful as if you miss the last day and forget it until the first game next year, you'll owe two for any missed day so it should be around 240 days. As the penalty is for each day and not each praise, it would still make it a daunting task of finding 480 praises. See it the optimistic way as a two for one penalty for each missed praised would give something like 2 to the power 240 which I'm way too lazy to calculate and copy here.

Players who want to be magnanimous or foolhardy can give a rider like Laval will get three offensive TD or Mount Allison will not get any TD. In this case, if the rider isn't realized, the bet is lost. This means we could have winners on both sides.

Any taker?