Article in Le Soleil by Kevin Johnston (French). I freely translated most of it :
Level up

Repeated Laval R&O successes are irritating many of its opponents who aren't able to dislodge them from the top of the pyramid since 10 years. To such a point that sports directors of member Universities ask a study to the commissioner, Tom Allen, who will try to find the reason of such domination and how the recipe could be transmitted to others.

«Reality is that Laval always win», said Allen. «Is it healthy for our league to always have the same Champion? Not really. But you can't blame the Laval program leaders. They succeeded in putting together something extraordinary envied by others. Problem isn't the Rouge & Or. Problem is how do you get the others to their level, not the other way around.»

Allen will give a preliminary report next week. «Challenge is to allow other programs to aspire to the greatest honor. But even if Laval always win, it doesn't mean that parity isn't there.»

Allen says, with supporting figures, that the gap is more pronounced between other Canadian conferences programs. Point differential per game is 33 in CanWest, 28 in Ontario, 24 in Quebec and 20 in the Maritimes.

For the R&O critics, it's their financial means that's the most irritating. Some are talking about expenses cap, quotas to fully paid coaching staff, limit to invitations of futur recruits. It horripilates Allen, who refuses to level down the conference. «It's inapropriate to look at such scenarios. Objectives of the study is to find how to increase the less wealthy ressources. Economic question is essential. The base for all of it is the implication of the private sector, cause in the actual context, Universities are not in a position to increase their sporting teams budgets.»

«It takes a will to go further, work on marketing, go get a wider fan base. In Laval, there is 15,000 per game; in McGill it's 500. There's surely a golden mean somewhere. We have to put the same efforts outside the playing field as our players put on the field.»


The rest of the article is about what happen with ineligible players and the case of Sherby's Vaillancourt (the one who smack Rioux).
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