Posted on November 19, 2012 by alexjonsports
Don’t tell me you were surprised by Saturday’s result at Laval?

Did you really expect any different?

I did expect a better result in the Acadia passing game but not the score.

Acadia got killed on Saturday afternoon by Laval 42-7, last year they got manhandled by McMaster. Two years before that Saint Mary’s got wiped out by Calgary in back to back years; is there a trend here.

There sure is and that is football across Canada has changed, is getting better with so-called “super-teams” and the Atlantic Conference has been left out.

It’s not opinion but fact and the numbers prove it. Since 2007 we’ve lost every national semi final be it Mitchell or Uteck Bowls.

Saint Mary’s lost to Western in 2008, in 2009 Saint Mary’s got embarrassed at home by Calgary as Dinos running back Matt Walter rushed for nearly 300 yards.

The next year it was no contest as the Huskies went to Calgary and got pounded. Last year McMaster got 40+ points on Acadia and then there was this weekend affair.

When it comes to Vanier Cups once the SMU area ended in 2003 we have been to the final only once, losing in 2007.

Since then the Western Conference has been to the Vanier 6 times with Saskatchewan, Calgary and Manitoba going to the game, Ontario has had five trips with four different teams going, Wilfrid Laurier, Western, Queens and now McMaster.

The Quebec conference has been to the big game 6 times and all by Laval.

We by comparison have been once in 2007.

So it’s 6 times for the West and Quebec and five for Ontario and a measly one for us.

Something has to change if we are evere going back.

We either have to get better or not bother with national competition as in the Mitchell and Uteck Bowls.

What are we hoping for, a one win every ten years sort of thing?

I remember watching Calgary kill us in the Uteck Bowl against Saint Mary’s a few years ago. We were run over at ease and really nothing has changed.

And, the bad news is, it isn’t going to get better.

Kyle Graves was the best we had this year in the conference. I hope he doesn’t win the Hec Crichton because he would look silly in comparison to Kyle Quinlan of McMaster. He was bad on Saturday but that’s because Acadia faced Laval defense.

So much for “having been there earlier this season” thing. Laval was better in Saturday’s game. I don’t fault Acadia. After getting a diet of X and MTA they get Laval!

Next year we will have no experience quarterbacks in the conference.

The future is not rosy for college football in the Maritimes.

That’s not opinion but the numbers unfortunately back up the facts.

There are now “Super programs” out there with money and resources but they are not in Atlantic Canada, pity. College football here was once competitive but is no more.