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Thread: Veteran Dinos sad to go out on a losing note

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    Default Veteran Dinos sad to go out on a losing note

    Great article & comments by players.

    Fifth-year players won’t get another shot at redemption after loss to McMaster

    By Scott Cruickshank, Calgary Herald November 18, 2012

    The Calgary Dinos were told that they had a choice.

    Be the main characters, grab the juicy lead roles — or be cast as someone else’s subplot, an afterthought.

    They could, according to Dinos boss Blake Nill, write their own destiny.

    “Coach has been emphasizing, ‘Create a story,’ ” Josh Symons, all-star defensive lineman, is saying Saturday night. “He’s been telling us, ‘Let’s create memories.’ ”

    A big sigh from the big man.

    “We’ve created memories for other guys,” Symons continues. “We’re part of stories that aren’t our own anymore. We’re part of the McMaster story this year.”

    The Dinos are simply one of the checkmarks on the record-setting 21-game winning spree of the McMaster Mauraders, who prevailed easily, 45-6, in the Mitchell Bowl at Ron Joyce Stadium. Now the Hamilton-based crew advances to the Vanier Cup.

    The Dinos, meanwhile, trundle home.

    There’s always next season.

    Except for Symons and his fellow fifth-year players — Tye Noble, Wyatt Getty, Richard Snyder, Zach McNeill, Quinn McCaughan, Byron Roberts, Reed Alexander.

    “It’s tough,” says Symons. “It’s a chapter of your life. A small chapter, but a huge chapter. It’s only five years, but it’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.”

    Alexander, shortly after the game, is still processing his final appearance for the Dinos.

    “I think a lot of it will hit later,” says the offensive lineman. “Right now, it just feels like another one of those losses that you really regret — you wish you could have done more, but you did everything you could. The thing that’s different this year? This is it. This is the last time I’m putting on a helmet. It’s a big thing.

    “It’s bittersweet. I mean, it was a hell of a ride. I met some amazing people . . . and a lot of stuff has been eye-opening. I thought I was done last year, so to come back for one more ride? It’s been great. I got to experience a whole new group. The dynamic we had this year was something I’ve never seen with the Dinos program. Obviously I wish we would have gone the whole way, right?”

    The Dinos, as always, appeared to have the right stuff.

    Fifth-year chaps captured a Canada West football championship every single November. But never a national title. Why?

    “Hard to say,” says Alexander. “We are a good team, but, I feel, a lot of the time it’s believing that we are a good team.”

    In the wake of Saturday’s mess, the latest fizzle on the national scene, Symons is calling for changes — to in-game mindsets, not to program personnel.

    “We owe that to Coach Nill and his staff,” Symons says. “I put it all on us. We didn’t do what the coaches wanted . . . and that’s the flat-out truth. Forty-five guys didn’t do what the coaches asked us to do. That was in our hands and we dropped it. We have world-class coaches. A first-class program in Canada.

    “When you have that much time and effort put into you from the coaching perspective? And us as players can’t come through? To me, personally, I feel like I’ve let down my coach. And I’m man enough to say it.”

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    Other articles here
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