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Canada West being in a major decline, which it is, is going to contiunue to worsen because of the booming economy in Alberta and Saskatchewan in my opinion. This "boom" has only begun and is going to make 2006-2008 look like a small blip. Kids coming out of high school right now can take a trade program with the virtual guarantee that they will be making between 30 and 40 dollars an hour once they have graduated with their ticket(s). Compare that to what a kid with an Arts degree will make serving coffee after graduation you can make the conclusion yourself on how most kids in Central and Northern Alberta/Saskatchewan will decide what to do after high school.
This is a pretty interesting point and makes a lot of sense to me, gotta go where the money is and these days it's in trades. Definitely something I have noticed myself, even out here in Ontario, is that if you have a trade you're pretty much set.