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Thread: OUA & the Quebec Franco schools separating from the AUS and the WEST. WHY?

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    Default OUA & the Quebec Franco schools separating from the AUS and the WEST. WHY?

    The OUA.
    1.The OUA has a national TV deal with the score.
    2.every OUA school now has a major sponsor to supply equipment and Uniforms. Under Armour, Addidas, Russell, and Nike now provide each school with all the latest equipment and uniforms. This used to come out of the Athletic department
    3. Football and athletic facility have been recently built or refurbished to modern standards.
    4. More variety of teams all equal from a budget standpoint.
    5. weather is football cold in Ontario unlike the near unplayable conditions in the prairies
    6. York will be the next to have a new facility courtnesy of the Pan Am games in 2015.

    Quebec Francophone schools
    1. exclusive recruiting from the top CEGAP programs in Quebec.
    2. all three have modern new or refurbished facilities.
    3. Laval corporate model is also used by Sherbrooke allowing a big budget for football programs.
    Montreal does not use the corporate model but like the OUA schools has a major sponsor in Addidas which supplies the school with all the latest equipment and Uniforms that used to come out of the football budget.

    1.only 4 teams in the football conference forcing teams to play each other two or three times.
    2. STFX and Acadia does have better facilities while Huskie stadium in Saint Mary's is falling apart.
    3. A regional TV deal with EastLink that is only seen in the small Atlantic region.

    Can West does have some positives.
    1.Griffiths stade U of S and Foote field U of A are both modern venues.
    U manitoba will have an oversized new investors grup filed to play on whilw Calgary and Regina use their cities CFL oversized stadiums. UBC has an older facility at Thunderbird field and has had some renovations done since 1967 when it was built.
    2. a decent regional TV deal with Shaw TV covering all of the Western Canada region

    NEGATIVES time their are only 6 football programs with alberta and SASK schools as close as it gets with Alberta and especailly UBC having major distances between half or all of the other teams.
    2.Cold. Almost unbarable cold weather near the end of the season and playoffs. Sask and Alberta both having two schools the playing conditions for the playoffs were so bad it affected the quality of play and no one came to see the games.
    3. With the OUA on National TV being shown with their swag uniforms and new facilities many players who just less than 10 years ago are now being recruited by the OUA schools and many are leaving to come east.

    Schools in the US that play in similar regions in the US the Dakotas and Idaho have built over the years enclosed facilities in which football can be played. Footefield and Griffiths stadium are new facilites already I am not sure if it would be financially able to enclose these facilites in
    U of Regina may have the new Mosaic in the near future that is having a new venue built with the possibilty of enclosing it in the future.
    Holt arena in Idaho can be buil for 16 million in 2012. That would be the least costs but that price would have included the field and grandstands which alreay stand at Grififths and Foot respecatbale.

    Many Canadian Players from the prairies went on to play in teh Dakotas prairies in the NCAA where there are 3 teams with 3 of these indoor arenas.
    U of S is nicely cetralized from Regina, Calgary and Edmonton ( u Alberta ) if were to be able to enclose what they had the Hardy Cup and Michell Bowls could possibily play year provided that one of these schools were the Home team. UBC could play at BC place for a championship game it may be empty but at least it would be playable an comfortable for for fans. If the money should somehow become available these facilities host so many other things for the community

    The only way for the AUS to begin to conpete again would be to be able to play at least tow interlock games or if more programs were added. The bext facility in the AUS is U Moncton which does not have a football team.
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