Awesome marton!

I don't think this one will be like last year, where MAC really caught Laval by surprise. This one will start out slow, as each team tries to feel each other out and as Laval takes the Marauders very seriously this time.

Close at the half, unlike last time(at very least closer), but I feel MAC finds a way to break away again in the second half. The Laval run D should be fine, with Quinlan sneaking away on a couple bootlegs but not as many as last year. But the Laval secondary will get a lot of work, as MAC at times seems content to throw on every down.

Not overly impressed by Grenon and he'll have his hands full with the MAC secondary, who are very good. I feel that Laval will score, will make good with some runs and as a result punch a couple in. Will likely get a safety or two off of pinning MAC under their own goalposts. But the Laval O will simply not be able to keep up with MAC, and will come up short.

I don't see a blowout, Laval is too good for that - this is a far more disciplined and hard working team in comparison to the Dinos. But I do see MAC winning their second straight this Friday night. It will be hard to top the excitement of last year, but hopefully it comes close!