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But yet, I will say good job TSN for promoting the CIS. Airing out a CIS documentary prime time, that was nice and the production looked CFL/NFL grade. Now let's hope TSN will do just as well if the game is not played in Toronto and does not involve a team from the center of the universe next time.
As someone who hails from the Steeltown area I can assure you, Hamilton is NOT the so-called 'centre of the universe' (and really Phil? Center? U.S. English too? Gah! ). Trust me, there is a clear distinction between Toronto and Hamilton from the people who live here, even if geographically they aren't that far apart.

Unless of course I got it wrong and all of Southern Ontario is now the centre. Maybe, I guess it IS a pretty big universe

Good documentary and I agree, given all the areas that TSN lacks in terms of promoting CIS football it's nice to see they put on a primetime display like the one they had last night.