Terrible, terrible! I did not watch the recording of the Laval game yet, but it was horrible to watch the Calgary vs Mac game. Morale is an OUA representative an honestly, it felt all along the way that the only team that mattered was Mac. Really sucks the CIS is selling its soul to TSN doing such a poor job. I miss the great job The Score was doing.

The Score was actually the home of the OUA, but yet managed to do a better job with great comments on both teams.

About the stupid Wilson ad .. with the only allusion to Laval is to say "Luck?". I say FU Wilson ... plain and simple. You will sell balls in Ontario ... but I will not buy your products. What a shameful result for what was initially a great idea. They could have used that great game to promote their product, but their ad is not saying anything ... but that MAC by themselves created great game.

I am pissed at both TSN and Wilson ...

Later tonight, I will go over the Laval game, both on RDS and TSN. Simply need to watch the Oregon first. ;-)