Here it is. Let us renew with the ancestral tradition of the avatar challenge.

Since the Montreal - Laval ennemity is at a turning point, Laval being the underdog or at least under Montreal in the nationnal top ten. I believe we should make this challenge a special one. Luckily, there are two games back to back.

Let's start with the first usual rules.
Whoever loses has to wear the avatar of the other team or one chosen by a betting member of the other team.

For a whole week, the losers will get here every day to post a positive comment about the winning team. Humorous comments are welcome but humorous compliments are good only if they haven't already been used. For example, supposing Laval wins, saying "Laval is a plaindrome" is not acceptable since it's been brought to us by CSTBrophy many years ago.

To make it more fun, anyone getting in for this week is also in for the next one. To make it even more fun, if one team gets two out of two, the losing side will have to glorify the other team one more week. In other words, if Laval wins two, the losers will have to compliment the other for three weeks. One after each game and one more because they lost both game.

Guys, this is going to be for the thoughest among us. Real men have to speak up and say "I'M IN".