View Full Version : Hey Y'all!

2011-09-27, 09:37

As the name says, I'm a huge dinos fan from Calgary! Travelled with the Dinos to last years Vanier cup, and have been reading these forums for 3 years now!

Thank you for opening registration back up! I'm looking forward to some excellent football discussions with the other minds on these boards!

Go Dinos!:)

2011-09-27, 15:29
Welcome aboard !!

I read that you're already familiar with the kind of discussion that goes around here. Hope you'll join the conversations.

2011-09-27, 16:07
Thank Gawd! It's been as lonely as a typical Friday night at McMahon Stadium here for Dinos fans:cool:. Glad to have a fresh point of view. Bring your friends!

2011-09-27, 16:18
good to have another dino fan