View Full Version : Used to be Bob2586

2007-08-24, 05:13
Hey guys I was posting for a while on the old board but reading your stories has been part of my routine for more thana couple of years now. I won't be a posting machine like some of you guys but be sure that I'll be thee some times to spice things up:D :D By the way I guess that I'm a weenie:)

2007-08-24, 05:48
You need to learn the fun of stomping (verbally) on other fans. Maybe you could begin with westerner as they're don't make enthousiastic verbose comments.

Welcome aboard. (Smily with a welcoming smile)

2007-08-24, 06:45
Well actually I used to have so much fun out of the Carabins fans but caboom is nowhere to be seen, I guess I miss him

2007-08-24, 10:59
Welcome BOB.......(friggin Weenies.....they reproduce like earwigs. :-) )