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Dirty Mexican
2007-08-23, 15:27
After checking out this website for years past, viewing the latest gossip around the league, I decided to join in on the fun. My name stems from a civil conversation I had with a Mount A player during a game, where of course my team prevailed. Without taking the mystery out of my identity completely, I reside on the left coast, however my alligence lies far north and far east of my location. I am excited to participate on this website for the '07 season and welcome all challengers/supporters. Cheers buddy!

2007-08-23, 16:53
Welcome DM !!

(another trophy to put on my wall) :)

2007-08-23, 18:41
Hola Dirty Mexican! Enjoy your time on the board it's a lot of fun!

Welcome aboard!

2007-08-24, 05:43
Welcome aboard.

2007-08-24, 11:01
Hey Dirty......looking forward to your participation in our debates.;)