View Full Version : Hi everyone, my name is Jay

2010-10-31, 08:03
I am a new poster here. I run RougeRadio.com and love CIS, CJFL and CJFL football. I am a father of 2 boys, married, work full time as a drafter for a large utility in Alberta. I ref amateur football and have been loving it for the past 3 years. I embarked on Rouge magazine 10 years ago and it was fantastic. We didnt get enough advertising and had to shut it down. But 10 years later i thought it was time to get a show where all the information was at one place. I look forward to many CIS discussion.

Jason Sperling

2010-10-31, 20:42
Welcome Jay!

2010-11-04, 12:59
as the father of 3 sons, you have my congratulations, and your wife my condolences

2010-11-05, 02:59
Bienvenue !

2010-11-05, 08:59
Welcome aboard! Nice to see more people running groups based around CIS football, I hope Rougeradio keeps growing and thriving for you!

2010-11-05, 14:26
Hey Jay, I used to write for you when it was the 3rd and Goal online "newsletter." Nice to see that you are still around and interested in the CIS.

2010-11-05, 14:35
Welcome, there are lots of Dads that hang out here, and some pretty cool moms too.:D