View Full Version : X @ Mount A - the final humiliation

Le Mount A Twin
2010-10-27, 13:22
I pitied the poor X fans this season the same as they pitied MountA fans in previous years.... :cool:

But the shoe is now on the other foot and so-called "loyal X fans" seem to have hibernated till next season (does not apply to my Twin, of course) :D

The X-Men and the Mounties have the good fortune of meeting trice this year. They're 1 - 1 so far and they're playing each other this Saturday, for the last time this season.

The Mounties need this win to prepare themselves for the playoffs.

The X-Men need this win to prepare themselves for the loooong winter.

Considering that X lost at home by 34 points last Saturday to an Axemen team plagued by injuries, they will have to be perfect to beat the Mounties this week.

It sure does not look good. The last time the X-Men were "perfect" in a game was at the September 2005 Blue & White scrimmage... :eek:

Soooo, the Mounties by 40 would seem to be a reasonable expectation for the game, considering that the X punter has more TDs than most X receivers and running backs... :D


The wager: my Twin's Avatar for as long as the Mounties stay alive in the playoffs... :)

la Tuque
2010-10-30, 15:12
Good game by the Mounties & the best for the playoffs. I'll wear this Avatar as long as you keep winning this season (the Poppy is for the "good reasons", not because X is out of the playoffs :D )

Please keep in mind that the Axemen will try their best to do you in on your home field next week and they're thinking:

X laid an egg on their last game against us on their home field
The Mounties allowed X to score 12 points against them on their home field.
The Mounties lost to X this season - we didn't.
So, we're better than the Mounties...

I'd love to give you some good advise on how to win your next game, but you don't want it as I couldn't even help X win a game this season... :o