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la Tuque
2010-03-04, 06:52
Still 6 months before the season starts and Phil B is already picking the Carabums over the X-Men :mad:. What an ice-hole :D


Might as well start this thread now as Avatar challenges were a real flop last season. dot.org tradition calls.

It really bugs me that the #@%&* Marissa Miller love thread has 113,173 hits at time of posting. Even the thread I started in the pub about being bored has 4,233 hits for Pete sakes, because Brigitte Bardot is mentioned in it. I hate Google 'cause it brings perverts to dot.org (not you, 24 - you were already THE registered perverted member :D)

So, by mentioning Marissa Miller, Brigitte Bardot and Tiger Wood in this thread, I'm confident that it will reach the half million hit by the time an umpire calls "Play Ball", or whatever they yell to start the CIS football season.

I'm planning to be at the game, of course, and if this thread reaches the half million mark by September, I'll bring Russell200 & MadRack with me to the 'Nish... :D

No pressure to join the challenge, guys. Still plenty of time left... :D

two four
2010-03-04, 11:20
I think they yell something different in the Nish!!!

How about Cindy Crawford & Pamela Anderson? LOL

2010-03-04, 11:25
Count me as a X supporter for this one. :cool:

la Tuque
2010-03-04, 11:52
...How about cindy Crawford?
Keep it up - I can just feel the hits coming. Pamela Anderson would love it... :D

2010-03-12, 05:23
Still 6 months before the season starts and Phil B is already picking the Carabums over the X-Men :mad:. What an ice-hole :D

I'm planning to be at the game,

Guess we'll meet again.

la Tuque
2010-03-12, 07:25
For sure, Jac :D ;)

two four
2010-03-30, 07:35
Count me as a X supporter for this one. :cool:

I almost choked on my java!!

2010-08-05, 17:29
Guten Monsieur Latuque ,
how are you amigo ? :)

September 18 is coming fast and I'm fully ready for any avatar challenge that may come up. I think that an avatar challenge between Mtl and X has to be between you and me ... even if it would be great to have other folks involved ... anyway !!

I'm here for a few weeks going back to SauerKrautLand on Sept. 25 so plenty of time to enjoy the beginning of the season and the week after " Agony in Antigoni " ...LOL :D

well , les CARABINS
Not only do we have to face Laval but we are now the new CFL pipeline ... it's tough to watch a CFL game without seeing a former Carabin playing ... a trend that's just beginning I think ; that may be the edge over Laval that we need at last . Who knows ? A few weeks ago , I was watching the AL-JAZEERA SPORTS CHANNEL back home in Frankfurt and they had former Carabin player DB Hamid Mahmoudi on the spot ;now a star with the BC Lions of the CFL, he was asked what the CFL meant to him , he just said ... CFL means Carabin For Life .... WOW ... I was pretty much shaken up , surprised but especially proud of the Carabin program !! ;)

Sorry , getting out of order but about Sept. 18 , I tought it could be a close game until I saw what I would call the SPRAUEL !! I know what you're thinking bro !! another Russ dream or BS but not ... this time it's real ... like you've never seen before !!

the SPRAUEL ....:eek: nothing less than the best-to-come QB ever to play in the Q .... MAXIME SPRAUEL from France ; an overachieving athlete from France powerhouse les Black panthers of Thonon-les-bains , a team that would match any AAA CEGEP Quebec team ... on a warm day LOLLLL ;)

I was on holiday in Switzerland when a friend suggested we cross the border to France to Thonon-Les-Bains to watch the famous Black Panthers .... Skeptical at first , I decided to go and what I saw just amazing .... MAXIME SPRAUEL .... Benoit Groulx with athletic skills and more .... They crushed the opponent , les Dragons Bleus de Joinville le Pont 62-35 . Joinville le Pont had only one star player , WR and kick returner Didier-Thierry Pourceau-Moulins , a Gary Ross type ( altought only 5' 2 ) who should join Sprauel in Montreal soon ... Then watch out ... :cool:

In France they call their teams LES BLEUS and yell ALLEZ LES BLEUS when they cheer them ... ALLEZ LES BLEUS !!! ... rings a bell ?? Les Carabins , LES BLEUS ... ALLEZ LES BLEUS ...

the beginning of a new era I think ... Agony in Antogoni :p .... fear in Laval ... ALLEZ LES BLEUS

See ya tuque ... Russ

la Tuque
2010-08-06, 07:13
Bonjour Monsieur Russ, and welcome to MY town (I now live in beautiful Montréal :) ).

I am really honoured that you accepted this Avatar Challenge. However, I feel I kind of painted myself in a corner as, since I started this thread, my buddy Slew made very interesting the Weekly Game Predictions Challenge


And I have my mind dead set on winning that 750 ml "jug-o-juice” which, of course, will be Jägermeister :D . Consequently, I’ll use my extensive CIS Football knowledge :rolleyes: instead of my heart to pick weekly winners, which means we both could end up cheering for “Les Bleus” on September 18 :o. Well, in any case, both teams wear blue uniforms so we can’t lose :)

Also, I do have some affinity with Les Carabins as two schoolmates of my daughter played as LBs for them in the mid 2000’s: Charles & Philippe Salloum. Unfortunately, Phil passed away this winter after having a stroke during a hockey game of the Ligue de Hockey Cosum Sénior du Québec. I met quite a few current and former Carabins at the funerals.

I’m planning on driving to Antigonowhere for the September 18 game. If you’re interested in coming along, please let me know & I’ll make it happen - room & board included but BYOB…

On the European football scene, former X-Men QB Steve Snyder is having quite a season with the Osnabrück TIGERS. They won their first seven games so far this season, 5 by shut outs. He says he’s looking at recruiting players for the X-Men but I think he’ll do better with the cheerleaders (pics & video at the link below) :D if he can get them to find the ‘Nish on a map. Here is a short write-up about Steve.

Sein erstes Spiel in Orange absolvierte am Sonntag Steve Snyder im Spiel gegen die Generals. Der 24-jährige Kanadier spielte zuletzt auf der St. Francis Xavier University und verstärkt ab sofort die Osnabrücker Offense.


And SauerKrautLand won the last European Football Championship over the French Baguettes. Football seems quite healthy in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland, so it beats me as to why the Carabins would recruit in France … :cool:

I should be at the Sherbrooke @ Montreal game on September 2nd. Hope to see you there. Jac: U going?



2010-08-09, 05:10
I should be at the Sherbrooke @ Montreal game on September 2nd. Hope to see you there. Jac: U going?LT

Of course i will be at the Carabin opener, wifh wife and daugthers and even son-in-law (as of last saturday), an awful Sherbrooke alummni.

Didn't miss a Carabins game in the last five years, and i don't intend to end the streak in 2010.

la Tuque
2010-08-09, 07:22
Of course i will be at the Carabin opener, wifh wife and daugthers and even son-in-law (as of last saturday), an awful Sherbrooke alummni...
Sounds good. Look for the X tuque / ball cap, depending on the weather... :)

Your daughter brought class into the family ??? :p

2010-08-09, 14:54
Sounds good. Look for the X tuque / ball cap, depending on the weather... :)

Your daughter brought class into the family ??? :p

Actually she's an Sherbrooke alumni too.

She had to choose who to betray, alma mater or family . She made the right choice and wears blue.

As for bringing class... he's an engineer. We already had one of those in the family.

2010-08-10, 15:03
Bonjour Monsieur Russ, and welcome to MY town (I now live in beautiful Montréal ).

MONTREAL resident !! Great Mr. Latuque ! Funny ! Since leaving , I'm spending a lot more time near Quebec city than Mtl when I visit. I may settle near Quebec city when I come back.
( I may even study part-time at Laval so I can get rebates on Rouge et Or season tickets . Actually my first choice is a Master's degree in Bird Watching but that may change as new programs are added every year . ):D:D

I may be able to go to the Sept. 2 game . I learned that QB MO Brouillette had left the Alouettes and I hoped it could be back with the Carabins but I was told he had left for Europe and had found a spot on a soccer team in Iceland :eek::eek:

I did some digging and finally spotted MO and it's true ; he playing soccer in Iceland ; still wears number 4 and even has a nickname :
Marco " the fish" Brouillette !!

Watch no 4 Marco appear at the bottom of the screen :)


Hello jac ! good season with les Bleus !!

la Tuque
2010-08-11, 14:14
We should get Jac to sit between us & watch him cheer for both teams ... :D

2010-08-11, 14:26
Odds are I'll be at the Montreal opener also. For sure I make the trip to Lennoxville for the game against ConU... and needless to say I'll be at the annual McGill demolition at the PEPS... so going to Montreal would make for an instant primer on what the Q will look like this year.

2010-08-12, 17:37
Latuque , marton ,

we should meet for the Mtl-Sherby game ( the French Quebec Leftover Bowl )
Thanks to Laval recruiting :D:D:D

Maybe buy tickets so we can be together in the stands.

marton, I will be in the Quebec city area in September ; I could pick you up , then we go to the tailgate and the game and be back in QC later that night.
You + 2 if you want .... luxurious Euro car , cold drinks and 2 stops at the Madrid :D:D:D


la Tuque
2010-08-12, 18:56
I'm IN & I'll dress as a X-Fan, as usual... :D

Russ & Marton: check your PM. Let's pick a place to meet - you do it Russ. Marton was a now-show last time he picked one in Montreal... :mad: :D ;)

Jac: care to join us with your Sherby fans?

la Tuque
2010-09-03, 09:05
Met Jac at the Sherb @ Carabins game last night. He confirmed that he'll bring a posse of fans to the game.

I'll be at the 'Nish on September 15 to set up the "reception committee". :D

I promise you guys a good time... ;)

2010-09-03, 09:30
Was real cool to meet Jac, LT and the .ca guys last night.

Always fun to get to chat with fans of other teams. Even those of the enemy. ;)

Also got to get interested in Volleyball. Allez les bleuEs.

Great night... awesome that football is finally back. :)

la Tuque
2010-09-05, 04:32
Here is a pic of the Sherby supporters (well, excluring the ones in blue T-shirts).

Marton, VM & noilifcram at the top of Section 1. Lost track of Jac once in the stands.

Leaving for Ontario shortly. Will be at the Mac @ UWO next week :)

2010-09-13, 16:50
Herr LaTuque ,

How are you ? I have something to offer you since I have a feeling the game won't be very close. :p:p
The Carabins running game could probably match any NCAA div 1 top teams , so I doubt X will be able to handle the blue tsunami from Montreal . :eek:

So here's what I propose : a 2/3 handicap based on penalty yards . Both teams will deduct 2/3 of total penalty yards from their points scored and let's see what happens. :confused:

For example , final score is 58-6 for Montrea( they play back-ups in the second half )l and total penalties are 180 yds Mtl - 70 yds X .

scores would be :

Carabins : 58 - ( 150 * 2/3 ) = minus 42
X 6 - (70 * 2/3 ) = minus 41

X wins !! :):) well how come 2/3 ?? 2/3 is the handicap golf gamblers use ... a 10 handiccapper playing a $1000 match against a 4 handicapper ; the 10 handicapper gets 4 strokes ( 10-6 ) * 2/3

OK ... but ... hummmm average weight of X linemen = 200 pounds , Montreal is 300 so 2/3 ...:(:(

hummm , the 2/3 .. the chance of not bringing back a moose when your name is Latuque and you go hunting LOL ..........:D:D:D

This offers expires Sept , 16 th , 10 AM

la Tuque
2010-09-16, 12:43
Frau Russ,

I'm happy to report that I misses the deadline. :).

I had my lap top set up on the dash board of my car as I left London Monday morning and drove 2,300 KM to the 'Nish. My puter has one of those cheap wiiwii gadgets which works fine with dot.com sites but can't get a strong signal with the dot.org ones.

I'm also happy because my money is on The Carabums for this game (see Slew's poll Week 3). :D

X doesn't stand a chance against the Bums, which I expect to rally from a 5 points deficit with 21 seconds left in the 4th quarter, to pull a decisive win over X like they did against Sherby at the Montreal opener :p

This being said, I'd love X to prove me wrong, but it won't happen.

GTG. I'm getting kicked out of the 'Nish public library 'cause I brought a 12 pack of Coors Lite & only Moosehead are allowed. :D

two four
2010-09-16, 15:58
GTG. I'm getting kicked out of the 'Nish public library 'cause I brought a 12 pack of Coors Lite & only Moosehead are allowed. :D

LT!!!! Have you seen the library?? Really!!

It is gutted totally. Down to a shell.

I'm not kidding. It's the former Dooley's pool hall. All that is left of it is three brick walls, a bunch of orange plastic and some structural steel....you'd likely be welcomed if you showed up with some beer late tomorrow afternoon.

It is on Main Street next to the theatre.


This really is it!!


Check it out


la Tuque
2010-09-16, 16:12
LT!!!! Have you seen the library?? Really!!

Obviously, I was not in the library :confused:

I'll go back & take a look tomorrow. It's the gray stone building with all the highly polished wooden benches set up in rows facing stairs to a marble table where the library index sits on a gold stand. There are 6 books per bench and a fold down step with a cushion for your knees when your tired of sitting down. The bench facing you has a little shelf to put empty beer bottles, and every hour a bell on top of the building rings to remind members to return late books...

Isn't that the library?

la Tuque
2010-09-16, 16:39
I was at X practice earlier tonight & chatted with my buddy Beaver, now living at the 'Nish. Good things are happening under Coach Waterman's leadership. A lot of new Alumni are getting involved with the program. More to come :)

No comment about the practice Xcept: Holy Caca - 57 new faces on the team :eek: & a lot of rookies dressing Saturday. Big task for the coaching staff to get them ready for the game.

I spoke to a few old timers & told them I was at the Sherby @ Carabins game 2 weeks ago. They'll pass on my comments to the rookies:

X-pect no mercy
My money is on Mtl for this game
If X wins, beer for the team is on me @ Piper's

Definitely will be Brown Paper Bag Day for somebody on Saturday... :D

2010-09-16, 16:42
Good things are happening under Coach Waterman's leadership.
On that we do agree. Waterman will do good for that program.

Hopefully he does good enough on Saturday, too.


2010-09-16, 19:02
Mein Freund und Kupferstecher Latuque !! :)

glad you made it safe to Nish !! hope you have a great time there and a super hunting trip . Hey Hey amigo while you'll be hunting DA MOOSE ... I will do my own special pilgrimage .... the Oktoberfest !! ( year no 2 ) .. and this time I will have access to the Käfer's Wies’n-Schänke, a VIP tent for hard drinkers ...:D:D JA JA JA :p:p

Back in Canada for on Nov 19 th and the VC a week later !! No CIS football in the meantime :mad::mad:

As for the X-bums game , anything is possible with the Carabins ... from bad to worst ... yup they should win but ....

let's just enjoy the next couple od days !!

Käfer's Freund Russ :D:D

two four
2010-09-17, 06:12
.........and how about beer for a few alumnus?

Lots of good young athletes in X's line up. It's not Coach Waterman's fault he had so many holes to fill. It goes back to the McPhee era. When Deke left and JB was hired late he only had 8 recruits that year. McCart, Marchand etc. This resulted in a few large classes of recruits.

It will work out. They just need game experience...they'll get that Saturday...and hopefully free beer at Piper's!!!

la Tuque
2010-09-17, 08:02
Hey Russ mon chum,

Enjoy the Oktoberfest & have a few swings for me!!

Man, that brings back a lot of memories of the years I was a horny little lad preying on cute Fraulein at the Munich beer fest.

But now that I'm an old fart, all I can do is prey on beasts with real horns... :D