View Full Version : triage at ND

2009-12-12, 06:29

Notre Dame got the guy they probably needed, but i don't envy Kelly's task. Psychotic alumni, living in a fish bowl, and only one scholarship quarterback (who just had ACL surgery). It will be interesting to see if he can revive a moribund program.

Sasky Boy
2009-12-12, 22:00
This is the boldest move ever made in order to avoid a beating. Kelly is no dummy. He accomplished nothing in his pretend football conference, and is about to be exposed. I hope Florida dismantles the entire program at Cinci.

As for ND...I have grown into a "who gives a fuck about them" They are a disgrace to Leahy, Rockne, history, and to football as a whole.

Sasky Boy
2009-12-12, 22:08
One other thing...not only was Kelly destroyed by a mediocre VT team last year in the Orange Bowl, but this shows what the bowls really mean. The lower bowl games re often just as meaningful as the big ones--which says little for either.

The fact that the SEC #2 team often does not even show up, that teams like OU and OSU nearly never win, and that coaches will just move to another team and not even hang around for the bowl game is a joke...I know it is a huge advantage to sart recruiting ASAP. But the way HCs and ACs (especially OCs and DCs) move on before big games is a joke. I am sure Strong will leave UF before the Sugar bowl, and there will be others too.

I love all forms of college ball, but I gotta call a spade a spade!

PS - MSU will be 12 players short at the Alamo. this "does not reflect the legal situation, but merely breaking team rules" ... I assume D'antonio is referring to the rule of not beating the shit out of students in dorms ... I think there should almost be a restraining order against those players. They need to be kicked out of campus. imo