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Sasky Boy
2009-12-06, 23:55
Well you are all going to be shocked and saddened to see that the "ranked #1 all year and only have a single loss" losers from Gainesville are in a BCS Bowl. Sugar vs Cincy (a team whose conference I mocked all year long...so these could be my karma). Sorry guys, I guess the folks at the top thought the Gators deserved one more shot on a big stage (next year might be scary-bad)

Of note...
FIESTA - TCU/BSU (I think TCU will be disappointed to not have a shot at a "major" conference team...I would have loved to see UF-TCU!!!)

As well as...
OU / STANFORD (We'll see how good Gerhart is)
ND / UM (They are going to meet up at a Bush Gardens near Toledo and ride roller coasters all day on New Years...hahahaha :D )

2009-12-07, 05:39
The irony is so good. TCU - Boise State... even if one or both team looks good it will be against a non-BCS opponent. Long live the 'big' conferences. :)

They get to play in a BCS game, but don't get to bust anyone.

Pure genius. :rolleyes:

2009-12-07, 08:03
I would rather see TCU in the Sugar Bowl. Cincy should be in the Fiesta to play Boise State.

TCU/Boise St is a good matchup but what will prove. On paper Florida should destroy Cincinnati...then again I saw Alabama not show up against Utah and SEC fans were lippy about how they were insulted to play Utah..until Utah ran Alabama off the Superdome turf.

Sasky Boy...the manner in which Florida lost on Saturday is huge...getting rolled by Bama.

Oregon Ohio State should be good and Georgia Tech/Iowa...good to see how Iowa will stop the triple option the Ramblin Wreck runs

Sasky Boy
2009-12-07, 14:09
Both Marton and Jumpoff's comments are bang on. I am upset that they did not distribute the "questionable undefeated teams" to let UF, OREGON and someone else get cracks at these guys. This thing with the PAC 10 being locked into the B10 pisses me off. I would have liked to see USC play a respectable opponent now and again, and the same applies this year for ORE.

As for Bama last year of UF the year before vs. UM, I think it is tough to be the #2 SEC team, but that is no excuse for not showing up. This year WILL BE DIFFERENT. I won't say who, but someone at UF is playing his last college game, and if half our D is not under investigation, we'll be ready to go. That said, GPD is a racist collection of #unt$ so there is some chance that our black players might be in some trouble before new years. On the other hand, at least the Gator players will take actual final exams, so at least there will not be a 17-player suspension a la FSU... :D

Florida laid an egg against the best team in the country. It is about the only time UF has shit the bed in a big game in quite a while, so pardon me if I don't take it as a sign of the end of days.