View Full Version : Florida State OL takes a play off

2009-12-03, 13:30

Believe it or not, Mount Allison did exactly this same thing in a game this year, but it was their WHOLE LINE that didn't move an inch for the entire play!

Sasky Boy
2009-12-03, 21:09
This happened at least 3 times. Twice or more, the entire OL was motionless for about 10 seconds. The commentators gloated about it and thought it was about the best thing FSU did all game. I don't disagree. I call that OL action the "Bowden Nap" ;)

2009-12-03, 21:17
Looked like he was constipated:)

Oregon won tonight...that means Ohio St. vs. Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Any bets that Oregon will have a new set of uniforms just for the Rose Bowl game. Civil War was a great game to watch.