View Full Version : New (sort of) Mount A fan on board

Le Mount A Twin
2007-08-04, 11:26
Dear Mount A fans!!!

The new season is almost upon us and I'm sick and tired of having my Twin La Tuque as my mouth piece. I kind of like him as a brother but, when it comes to CIS football, he's an X Fan all the way. You saw what he was like last year, X hype, swamp gas and all... I don't expect him to change this season, although he has been more guarded in his predictions than usual. :rolleyes: I think he's really scared of the Mounties, and so he should be :)

It got to the point where I was having an increasingly difficult time trusting him to pass my messages accurately on the forum. The two sides of our brains had a long argument this morning and agreed that it would be best to go our own separate way so that each of us could root from his team without interference from the other. :D

So, in a nutshell, I finally got the freedom to post as I darn well feel and support the Mounties.

But I will have to pay a heavy price for this freedom. The "bad Twin" has forced me to be on his side against SMU whenever the situation arises. Sorry BigJake, Spud, Wineskin, Capt Morgan, Old Dog, Sir Brophy and all other SMU fans out there. But that's the cost of freedom :)