View Full Version : Loney Challenge - any takers prof...

2009-11-09, 11:25
ok i`m outta the closet. professor Y. Lactix, u want the usual challenge


2009-11-09, 15:08
Good to have you back Big Jake! :)

2009-11-09, 15:43
I'm in

Mrs Trk
2009-11-09, 16:33
I.M IN !!!

Huskie win Saturday. Ticats win Sunday. Perfect. :D

Le Mount A Twin
2009-11-09, 16:37
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GO SMU! (tuquey yer dead)

Man! You're slow... :p Took you 5 days to notice... :eek:

Le Mount A Twin
2009-11-10, 07:47
LT & I are IN.

Took some convincing as he's getting ready for his last Remembrance Day in London & I don't know when I'll see him again 'cause he printed a 3 page list of all the Legions in the area for tomorrow... :eek:

I think the post by the "Convent Lady" changed his mind ... :D ;)

la Tuque
2009-11-10, 19:45
Yes. I'M IN.

But I warn you, I won't have much time to play your silly Avatar Challenge game this week. I sold my house today & I'm moving to Monnnrrréal, so I can get closer to Mattrak, Scorpions and the Bums’ fans (if they’re still around after the weekend... :D)

It is with mixed feelings that I'll be leaving the tree-less City of London. I’ll miss all those Stangs fans who refused for years to acknowledge my presence in their Ivey-league village, for no valid reason other than I am a die-hard X fans... :o

I will only have three regrets when I finally take my last drive down East on the 401, on my way to the City Of The Bums:

I will no longer be able to lend a warm shoulder to The Bride in her time of despair when BJ flips a gasket after reading another twofeer’s posts,
I will miss the memories of bogeying with the Lady Trucker when I used to hit the Retro-Discos in the Steel City area, and
I'll miss those yearly visits to my good friend BJ at the London Psychiatric Hospital, but I'll leave a good supply of frogs legs & escargots with the kitchen staff, hoping that he'll remember the good times I wasted trying to bring some class to his life :o

On the PLUS side, I'll be 800 KMs closer to my Oreo buddies, who will be living their dream till the Mutants find a way to deserve to be rated as a Top 10 team without "charity votes"... And as I’ll only be 1200 KMs away from the Amigos, I should be a guest at their trailer every second week or so… Oh Yea!. I forgot. my X-Man kid lives in that trailer park... :D

In my well-educated opinion, the Mutants will make a strong statement at the Lonely Bowl. Lonely is a fitting name for the Bowl because it can’t attract 200,000 or so fans as the Rougettes do on home games. That strong statement will not be legally binding but, nevertheless, it will be enough to bring increased respect to the “Little University That Could”...

For the members and lurkers who don’t know about my real life, I’m a CIA Intelligence Analyst working for the Blue & White Party of Canada (you'll hear more about it once we get a WC & fix the plumbing). I have access to satellite imagery from all the spy satellites gravitating around all the planets, including Venus (so I can keep both eyes on the X cheerleaders, a time-consuming task I really enjoy...).

Based on the pictures I downloaded earlier tonight of SMU fans on their way to the city which gave its name to the Fax machine, they are not too confident about the game outcome and would prefer not to be identified in any way with SMU, as shown at this N.S tool booth pic: