View Full Version : R&O vs Montreal... Any taker?

2009-09-29, 08:09
After a short absence, I'm back. I look around for my fine leather gloves and not finding them, I take my sweat soaked, cement hardened and earth encrusted working gloves and slap all montrealese in the face twice.

I hereby challenge you to an avatar bet. To be fair to your poor little team, I give you a 14 points margin. If Laval win by less than 14 points, I'll wear the disgusting blue avatar for a week praising the Carabins.

Of course, if your curs prefer to hide, I'll understand...

By the way, I'm back.

P.S. In the last few weeks, I was between contract so I work a few hours a day with a shovel. I didn't need to put a pound of sand in the gloves... :)

Le Mount A Twin
2009-09-29, 09:53
He's back!!! (Thread hijack)

Thank God you posted, Fenris...

LT came home in pretty bad shape last night... :(

The ambulance attendant that drove him home explained that the hospital tags around his neck contained specific instructions that he be kept on a soda cracker diet for the next 4 days... :o

Seems he was stopped at the border after the Bills game Sunday night, trying to sneak in six 40 pounders of Capt Morgan. He didn't have enough cash on him to pay the duty so he insisted to drink them all on the spot. Apparently, there is no law against that, so he sat on the curb across from the Customs' office & went at it. Then he got into a fight at Niagara General Hospital 'cause he wouldn't let them pump the precious stuff from his stomach... :eek:

First thing he did when he got home was to check the Concordia Challenge thread. He read Bizz' poem and broke into an incontrolable laughter. Then he saw that Bizz was sporting an X Avatar & he went into shock, then into a trance :eek:

He's back in hospital & the prognosis is not good. Docs said he'll need another massive shock to come out of his coma.

He'll get that shock when I tell him you posted again... :D ;)

PS to X Alumni, parents and fans: rest assure LT did not bring discredit to St. Fx during his drunken binge. He always carries an emergency drunken binge kit & when he feels he's gonna lose it, he strips off his X-Men football jersey & puts on a SMUck one he stole from BJ... :D :D :D

2009-11-15, 15:55
I've been out of touch for a long time. To be honest, I've got too many iron in the fire. My house is twelve feet high in the air while I juggle with the schedule for the plumber, the electrician and the house cement pouring team... What fun?!
Even if the UdM had no one with balls enough to take the avatar bet, I certainly owe something here.
Since no one took up the glove, I'll refrain for wearing the UdM avatar but I'll praise Montreal for one thing.
Their ground offense is impressive and doesn't need much to be devastating. It will be the toughest challenge for the defense in Quebec next year.