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2009-09-17, 14:58
Been registered for a while but then life got in the way from coming back and posting. I have been following CIS football for 33 years now and faithfully supporting Western all those years. Win or Lose I will be there cheering for them.

I look forward to diving into the boards here more this year.

Have a good one!

2009-09-17, 15:10
On behalf of the UWO fans welcoming committee president, GoldenGuy, I welcome you to the board and look forward to anything insightful (and preferably humiliating) you have to say about Laurier and Queen's. :)

2009-09-17, 15:41
Bienvenue OWUStangFan !

2009-09-18, 09:23
Welcome aboard, nice to have another Mustang fan on the board.

2009-09-18, 09:32
Welcome aboard. 33 years! :eek: Wow, you've got me beat. This season'll be my 27th.

2009-09-18, 13:43
Welcome.....I have been a Mustang hating since the mid 80s..........I sitll love to hate Western!!!:p

Mustang Fan
2009-09-19, 08:05
Sorry I didn't welcome you sooner!! Nice to see a little more purple and white around here. :)

As Marton pointed out, feel free to humilate Laurier or Queen's whenever you have the chance.

And disregard anything Spud has to say about the 1990 Atlantic Bowl. :D

2009-09-21, 05:47
Thanks for the welcome everyone. Been catching up on some reading here on the boards... lots of haters... but man I still bleed purple and an proud to say it.

2009-09-21, 06:35

"Hating" Them always seems like a misleading understatement. It doesn't quite capture the quality of the analysis...

Nevertheless, welcome aboard. We can always use another target ;)