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2009-09-03, 19:58
Any takers from Mac?

2009-09-04, 08:24
Sure, I have faith in the *new* MAC ;)

How does this thing work? If Waterloo wins, I wear a Waterloo avatar for (how long?), and if MAC wins, you wear a McMaster avatar for (how long?) :eek:

2009-09-04, 09:28
Sure, I have faith in the *new* MAC ;)

How does this thing work? If Waterloo wins, I wear a Waterloo avatar for (how long?), and if MAC wins, you wear a McMaster avatar for (how long?) :eek:

Standard avatar bets are for 1 week of wearing the winners' avatar with the mandatory 1 message - of praising the winner - per day during that week.


PS : Spud already posted a course in praising the opponent... :)

2009-09-05, 09:00
OK, after some searching, I finally found the Spudian rules. (Couldn't this be posted somewhere so it is easier to find? ... or did I miss it?)

There seems to be some disagreement about Rule #6 --- so I'll ask Linda: does it apply in this case or not?

And finally, I didn't actually say it, so I'm saying it now:

I'm In! :D

2009-09-05, 11:28
I hope Spud doesn't mind but I've copied his rules here:

Here is the official SPUDIAN RULES for AVATAR Challenges.

First of all...you must have an Avatar...CJ has lots of stock Avatars to pick from.....just follow the directions and in your profile to upload an avatar from the program you support.

Second.....find a worthy foe.....some blowhard who constantly is going on and on about his team...the kind of fan that gets under your skin (there are no shortage of them on this site. )

Third.....Issue an OFFICIAL AVATAR CHALLENGE in the PUB......sometimes it helps to send along a private message as well, as not everyone hangs out in the bar .The Challenge of course being that your team will beat theirs. This is very important......you must be creative in issuing a challenge....you can't just say...hey Laval Fan....I challenge you to an Avatar bet.....no no.....instead say something like....HEY YOU POINTY KNEED WEENIE, You sidewalk painting, Kmart Shopping, don't know the rules...Wanker....I challenge you....etc etc etc

Fourth....any proud fan would find the time to post a few lively taunts back and forth during the build up to the game.

Fifth.....The winner keeps his or her Avatar, and the LOSER must wear an Avatar of the winners chosing for one full week (challenges usually end the night before the next game)...in most cases the winner will just tell the loser that they have to change their avatar to the winning teams avatar...again CJ has many stock Avatars to pick from. (However, its always nice to have something customized for your new friend....but for newbies perhaps you should stick to stock avatars.)

Sixth.....The loser must make at least one post a day every day during their week of shame. I have always prided myself on being just as verbose after a loss as after a win....but the minimum requirement is at least one post per day.

Have you always wanted to see one of your dot org pals wear your school avatar?....you know...the guy/gal that constantly hijacks your threads, telling you how bad your school/coach/program/city is or how your mother wears army boots, or your sister has a mustache?

This is your chance to get even....and a great source of entertainment here at Dot Org.


I see that the loser need only post each day, no doubt to prevent someone from spending the week and not showing off his/her new duds. It seems, however that this rule has been stretched to include complimenting the winning team daily and even starting official threads (i.e. _____'s I love _______ thread.) Do we make that official to start off the new season????

2009-09-05, 11:49
It may go like this (strongly suggested so everyone can get a laugh) :

Hey Spud, where's your moat ???

Ah, I see... was filled with the dirt removed from the old X-Men field to level it !.

May be you can donate it to your beloved Saint-Mary's so they can start building a new stand base. It would suit their unmatched love for their fans very well.

2009-09-05, 15:27
Here's hoping Linda exhibits the utmost in humility for the entire week of joining the Marauder faithful.

Mac is starting 1 or 2 rookies on the offensive and 4 or 5 on the defense.

2009-09-05, 19:21
Hey Osmonic!

Love your avatar --- I have a jacket with that on it (the jacket comes complete with a "mickey pocket"):D

So how come you guys aren't "in"?


2009-09-06, 07:52
I'm in, and have my tickets for Monday!

I graduated in '05 and haven't had the pleasure of seeing a game at Ron Joyce yet, (live in Guelph now).

Here's hoping for a good one!

2009-09-06, 18:12
Yup..........a good avatar it is Osprey..........almost afraid to lose it for a week :).

Night before the game. I watched Mac's walkthrough this afternoon and barring special teams I think they look pretty good.

I hope they don't run into a situation like Ottawa did today opting to punt from the 42.

I'm hoping the offense moves the ball well with a pretty nice Oline and two reliable backs. I'm not sold on their passing game yet but only watched them a few times.

Defensively the Marauders are going to be young. While they're athletic rarely do rookies make it through the game without mistakes. I hope any mistakes that are made are not severe.