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2008-11-16, 14:45
I, Lord Fenris was at the head of the cavalry charging against the ennemies.

-Great, Baron! We went through their first line easily but since then we can't find their second line of battle. Do you think they did like Cesar in Afrika? Go for our headquarter behind our back?
-Fenris! I tell you again! They can't have! They would have had to do it under the ground. The Cardinal gave us tolerable weather so we would have seen them had they tried any such trick.
-They can't have sent only a first line!
-Look on the hill. The Cardinal is on the ground! Do you think he's wounded?
-Let's go! Signal the troop to wait an be ready.
Nearing the top of the hill, Fenris and Phil B. looked at each other.

-He's laughing! What's to laugh about?
-He'll tell us. Let's go see… and hear…
The Cardinal had just got upright, his red and gold cape dirty here and there.
-Congratulation Fenris.
-Thanks but where's their bloody second line? And the third for that matter?
The Cardinal chuckles.
-You've just overriden their first and second and third lines.
-What? It didn't even take half an hour!
-I know. They never knew what hit them.
-But… All this talk about the strong West?
-It does seems to be hot air… Let's go. Let the relief troops finish the mop up.
-Okay. I think I'll treat you to a T-bone for supper… A western beef T-bone dear Cardinal…

2008-11-16, 15:22
And a lone soldier stood there on the bloodswamped hill, looking at the massacre, crying... «They should not have danced on that logo... Nope, they should not have...»...

2008-11-16, 15:49
Admiral Lee wanders on the field and see Gate5.

- On your knee soldier!
- I didn't do anything wrong. I just fought to avenge their insult!
Lee get out his favorite sword. His Claymore ring on the soldier shoulders as he Knights him...

2008-11-16, 15:55
The soldier's knees could not stand in front of such honor. As he bends, in front of the noble's charisma, he asks... «Sir, Am i worthy of that gesture ?? I was but a soldier waiting to get my sword into battle... And yet, all I could do was watch, as the ennemy walked to his own dismise, on our beloved logo... And I did not even have to fight it, they came to your cavalry, and never left...»

But if you wish, I will be carrier of that sword, and hence cry the first avatar challenge of the battle to come... May my blood pave the way to your greater glory, my lord...

2008-11-16, 16:20
Although a piece of that t-bone would be great too !!!!

2008-11-16, 16:38
Behind Admiral Lee, a loud voice yells.
- And you're welcome to it.
Lee turns around.
- You count Marton, are a fool but nobody can bring people to a T-Bone like you do. Let's go eat with the others.