View Full Version : yo.

2008-10-02, 01:51
hey all.

New to this forum. I followed CIS football for a while. Enjoy the game.

2008-10-02, 02:20
wizzle 2 da fizzle equalizzle...peace ooot

2008-10-03, 00:00
Thanks BigJake. I had a chance to look around a bit. There appears to be alot of homer fans from all over.

2008-10-03, 00:06
Hi Equalizer !

A liitle more on you could help us «size» you...what team do you cheer for ??

Or may be that you have to watch games from a fiscal paradise island since your last train robbery...you see, something... ;)

2008-10-03, 05:01
Welcome about Equalizer! You sound like an American Gladiator, or maybe an American Gladiator event...just sayin'...

Hope you enjoy the discussions! :)