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2008-09-29, 08:36
Hey all,

Wow, great little community you guys have here! For a while I thought that I was pretty much the only person who actually followed teams other than my own and watched the games on TheScore every week! It's nice to know that I'm definitely not the only one, although I'm pretty sure that my CIS football knowledge is pretty miniscule compared to some of the regulars here!

As for me, I'm a WLU alumnus (B.Sc., 2001) who fought the wars on the lacrosse field for my beloved purple and gold. I jumped out of my seat and cheered myself hoarse during the 2005 Vanier Cup, which earned me a noise complaint from my building, but it was worth it! Now I'm living in London, ON, where I located for school and now work/live but downright refuse to cheer for much-despised Western, which doesn't make me too popular with the locals at games and makes for some spirited dinner-time conversations with the in-laws (I'm marrying into a family that is purple and silver through and through!).

As for other stuff, aside from getting out to see the Golden Hawks play whenever I can, I have a few hobbies, like playing bad golf, but always seem to find myself checking this site among others for the latest updates on Saturdays. Thanks for creating this site and here's looking forward to some fun times!


2008-09-29, 08:43
Welcome aboard T-Max !!

Feel free to join any conversation. You may want to start with the ones about Western, you'll find that many posts in there reflect your way of thinking about those Purple people.

PS : if you see the words «purple pills», they're in no way related to the football team, you'll get it....

2008-09-29, 09:04
Welcome T-Max. You've no doubt found who the other Hawks are around here.

2008-09-29, 09:26
Welcome T-MAX......always nice to have a NON Weenie (err Laval) fan join.:D

Mrs Trk
2008-09-29, 09:40
Welcome T-Max Timmy! :)

la Tuque
2008-09-29, 09:47
Hey T-Max,

Nice to see another Londonarian (that's the way it should be spelled) joining the forum. I was at the 2005 VC game cheering for WLU, not because I support them, but because I'd lost "another bet" :D

I'm an X-Men fan and, over the past 4 seasons, I got used to wearing somebody else's avatar whenever I bet on them & they lose ... :o

But that's coming to an end (not the betting - the losing) :cool:

Oil Thigh
2008-09-29, 10:02
Welcome aboard - a nice compliment to the strength of the Laurier fan base that they grow .org members in an "off year"

2008-09-29, 10:20
Welcome aboard Timmy! Fellow Laurier alumnus here (as if the name didn't give it away ;)).

Pretty sure I caught a few of your lacrosse games in '01 - most notable was that one rainy friday night in late October (notable as I actual met one of my girlfriends there, there were only really 11 people or so drinking it up in the stands too that night, so really beat the odds there! :)) A few of my buddies actually played on the lacrosse team too, I always enjoyed catching matches at WLU - both men's and women's.

Anyways there's a good group of Laurier folk around here I'm sure you'll be introduced to soon enough, so feel free to jump into any conversation any time! Hope you enjoy your stay!

Oil Thigh
2008-09-29, 10:28
I actual met one of my girlfriends there

Nice - how many girlfriends do you have? Is this normal at Laurier?

2008-09-29, 10:32
lol yes, good on you for catching that there Oil Thigh! So I absolutely love the way that came out! :D I WISH that error wasn't just an error, but alas, sadly it is... :(

Mustang Fan
2008-09-29, 14:37
Welcome aboard T-Max! It's nice to have another Londoner on the board, although as a Laurier fan I'm not sure how you made it past security. :D

Your in-laws sound like fine people. I'm guessing that you are now the black sheep of the family. :D

2008-09-29, 15:28
welcome aboard tim! did u play box lacrosse too or just the girls game? :D (mite as well welcome ya rite in...:) )

2008-09-30, 04:19
Welcome welcome T-Max

You are forgiven for having played Lacrosse, at least it wasnt hockey
or...ewwww Soccer.

2008-10-03, 12:38
Hey folks,

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome! Glad to be here! Sorry about the delay in posting, I've been away from my computer for the better part of this last week.

A couple of comments...

- to GoldenHawkFan - wow, you don't say! One of our field lacrosse games? We usually didn't break double digits in terms of attendance (nothing like a completely empty University Stadium to get you pumped up for home games), so I'm going to guess that you came on the one night each year when the women's field lacrosse team took pity on our sorry butts and came out to watch. Glad that we could be of service! ;)

- and to BigJake - yeah, I guess you could say that it was the "girls" version of lacrosse (I was not fast/skilled/insane enough for box), but there's something about getting a 6 foot aluminum lacrosse stick in the groin that suddenly makes it seem not quite as girly. That totally sucked- I thought that I was going to die right there on the 25 yard line! But I digress...

Anyway, thanks for the open arms welcome and here's looking forward to some good discussion- once I get a chance to browse around a little, of course! Take care and go hawks go!


2008-10-04, 08:19
i like yer style timbo! :) .... i've got u penned in for the falsetto section in the .org choir ... :D (and if yer voice drops we'll just apply the stick again ... :D )

2008-11-21, 12:00
i like yer style timbo! :) .... i've got u penned in for the falsetto section in the .org choir ... :D (and if yer voice drops we'll just apply the stick again ... :D )

That is an appropriate way to treat Laurier fans :D

Welcome to .org Tim!
Sorry I took so long to welcome you, I don't venture outside the LOS and the Press Box very often.