View Full Version : Demise of a lurker

Andrew Bucholtz
2008-09-26, 14:12
Hey everyone,
I've been reading this site for quite a while, but decided to take the plunge and join. There's some great discussion on CIS football here, and I'm looking forward to getting involved in it. As per myself, I'm a Vancouver-area guy who's now living in Kingston, going to Queen's and working as the sports editor for the Queen's Journal. I have my own blog, Sporting Madness, and also work with Neate, Duane, Mike and the rest at Out of Left Field. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

2008-09-26, 14:38
Y'know I asked Neate if you were on here, he said he thought you were - well, glad to see you're onboard now anyways! (and thus ends the "trying to figure out who Andrew is" game, hey it was fun while it lasted! ;))

Well anyways let me officially welcome you to the board, hope you enjoy your stay!

2008-09-26, 14:54
hey welcome!!!! and sorry about yer luck...:D :D :D look forward to perusin yer cerebrations on the diurnal phenomena of CIS....for u x-aholics - reedin his rite ins...:D welcome!

2008-09-26, 15:23
Vancouver I know ! Bbbu.. but Kingston ??? Who is Kinston anyways ?? ;)

Aaah yeah !! Town of the GOLDEN Gaels isn't it ???

Welcome aboard and don't be shy to join the conversation, always a pleasure.