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professor x
2008-09-18, 10:37
We haven't had a good avatar challenge yet, so I'm hoping some Acadia fans will step up this week.

Where you at Tanman?? Da Vinci?? Who's going to step up to my challenge? I'd even settle for the avatarless mustang :rolleyes:

To draw you guys out, I'm going to make a bold statement: Although I think Acadia will put up a good fight...

I think X wins this game BIG :D

X 42 Acadia 12

I'm IN.

la Tuque
2008-09-18, 13:02
Hey Prof,

I'm no longer wasting my time on Avatar Challenges till we can do it against worthy opponents. So far this year, there are only two other teams that have them: SMUcks & Oreos.

I sent CJ a few PMs & left a number of voice messages on his work, home & cell phones to restrict this section to "real fans" of CIS football prepared to support their team come hell or high water :mad:

I've spoken to an RCMP buddy who's prepared to assist CJ in identifying REAL FANS for this section. Of course, those who currently sport SMUck, Oreo & SuX Avatars are benefiting from the SPUD grandfather clause. :D

Other fans interested in getting some of the action will be subjected to a rigorous process:

Screening, to ensure that they are not on the Roscoe No-Challenge List
Fingerprinting, if they support the Carabums (I suspect Russell100 will petition for a waiver):D ;)
DNA test for CanWest fans, to ensure that at least 30% of the blood in their system is human.:confused:

As far as DaVinci & his cronies go, might as well put an X on their involvement in Avatar Challenges. They used to be the class of the Axemen. But now that their confidence has been shattered after losing the playoffs to X last season, they’re the shame of the AUS & I doubt they’ll be supporting their team openly till 2015, when the rebuilding period is expected to be completed.

According to the Twin, MountA fans should surface at some point in the season, that is once Mattrak’s princess is potty-trained or they beat the SMUcks, whatever comes first. :D

So, for academic purposes only, I’M IN, but I’m not holding my breath to see any action before I leave for Toronto at noon Friday (I’ll miss the game Saturday) :mad:

2008-09-19, 09:32
:D :D :D

2008-09-19, 20:46
hey nnmo kiddin. pissed just got in from smu game. havin a scxotch. bet stinky beanerino mexicaqn sep 5, he loses, dont hear from him till 13th when new week starts. bet cant even remember his name last wkend on game, he loses, disappears.

no honour left amonfgst avi bettors, biuncha ham'n'eggers kids. no more for me. :( :( :(

Dirty Mexican
2008-09-24, 19:23
Me nme iz Big Lush n jst got in from a piss up ot in SMu and mny peple say i cn spell becaussa im a drnken toolshed.... dude, mix in some agua....

Even if i was on last week you might not have even remembered.... true story.

2008-09-25, 10:30
:D good one beanerino! (but ya did stiff me as per the avi wagerin rules...as did gatorbreath...but i let it slide mon...as yer young...:D )

Dirty Mexican
2008-09-27, 12:41
No I didn't! I wore your Avi right after the lost sir and the whole week.... come on now I don't smoo on avi bets.....

2008-09-27, 15:43
BS beano. look at your posts. u posted day of game anddisappeared to the next game. it is what it is...:o