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2008-09-08, 19:51
Well looks like a bunch of girlish are trying to play football in Wolfville. It they didn't had such a nice campus and nice ladies on it, it would not even worth writting about them.:D

So if any Axelady wants to take on the challenge, be a women and say the magic words:


Laval : 49
Acadia : 2

Le Mount A Twin
2008-09-08, 21:28
Let it be known that I am forced by LT to edit this post. He wanted me to delete it completely but I reasoned with him that it would be unfair to the Axemen as none of their fans will rise to Phil B's challenge. After a 33-way call which included the MTA & Axe coaching staff, Tanman and Mattrak, I have been granted a one-time-only permission to cheer for the Axemen in this challenge.

For the Oreos out there: you're soooo lucky that your team is not facing the Mighty Mounties this week. :D
I think it's quite fitting that I be the first "girlish" to accept this challenge, if one takes into account my very close relationship with LT...:D

I've spoken to the Axemen coaching staff about the best way to beat "LavaLife", as the R&O are commonly referred to in the real Rivière du Loup.


BTW, this site is OBVIOUSLY belongs the R&O team owner, judging by the title of some articles in the link, in particular: So you're dating a player...

It's also evident that Mr. Tanguay has already expanded this business to Manitoba, based on the fact that he has created a special site for the Bisons... :D


Anyway, getting back to the game. When I wrote the CIS Football Rules Book many years ago, I anticipated that I would eventually become a one-day Axe fan, that this game would eventually take place, and I purposely left in an equipment loophole that would assure a win to my future team.

Axe coaches agreed to my suggestion that the Lumberjacks will wear kilts for this game, and there is NOTHING in the rule book to prevent it. The team has been practicing a new version of the QB sneak and everybody is getting quite proficient at running with their hands high up in the air with the ball between their knees :D

So, I'M IN!!!

Axemen 90
Laval 0

Expected game stats:
New CIS penalty record in one game: LavalLife - 1,240 yards for kilt lifting (15yards for lifting up front; 10 for the back); 142 indecent assaults charges; 15 peeping tom ones and 7 inappropriate fraternizing.

Possession time:
LavaLife: 1m14sec (lost the coin toss - intercepted on 3rd & 2 - never saw the ball again)

Axemen: 58m.46 Sec.

la Tuque
2008-09-08, 21:52
Sorry, football fans. The Twin got to the computer while I was out & I hadn't logged off :o

He's been ecstatic since Sunday's game & he's just dying to get into an Avatar Challenge. Unfortunately for him, there is no Sherb member to speak of on this forum, just V&O lurkers... :p

And he hates this ignorant Phil B with a passion :D :D :D

I'll get him to delete his post once he comes to... and lend him my sun dress if he feels "girlish"... :D

2008-09-13, 05:03
I see, not many Acadia fans proud of their team !! :D

«À vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire !»

Nevertheyless, I'll take the challenge (even if no more proudless Acadia fans show up).

Where's Wolfville anyway ??? Just hope Laval don't get lost trying to find where it is...

Axemen are obsolete (and useless), we now use chainsaws.

Last two meetings at Le PEPS weren't even worth the ticket price... :mad: :mad:

Ah yes, almost forgot :

I'm IN !!!

BTW, Acadia sucks.. :cool: :cool:

2008-09-13, 14:22
Well at least one twin will have to wear a nice Laval Helmet as an avatar and mention how extraordinary is Le Rouge et Or.

2008-09-13, 16:32
Laval : 49
Acadia : 2
I call that nailing it. :)

Le Mount A Twin
2008-09-18, 14:28
Well at least one twin will have to wear a nice Laval Helmet as an avatar and mention how extraordinary is Le Rouge et Or.

Sorry it took me so long to honour my commitment, my dear Phil B. I drove LT to the X @ Carabums game & dropped him off at the Bâton rouge afterwards to drown his sorrows with "our" kid :cool: . I then went window shopping at a XXX coffee shop to change my mind after the Mounties almost got the better of the Biches :D I didn't know that LT had a spare set of keys for the van. He left me stranded on St-Cath's & I had to hitchhike back to London. Just got home :mad:

For future reference, it's not easy to hitchhike in Carabum city when you sport a Laval Avatar. Luckily, I had LT's red summer dress with me :D

It is with great pride that I wear this Avatar this week & I'll wear it until some Mounties fan finds the guts to get into Avatar challenges. This, after all, is La Merveille's colours, which represent the greatest CIS football team for now and for generations to come :D

2008-09-18, 19:20
Well said LMAT!