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2008-06-26, 08:26
I have been a frequent reader ofthis forum for years and figured Ii must just as well join up and try to tell some truths (and maybe some other stuff too!).I am Red and Blue to the core and love The Mighty Clan!! So it only follows that my hero on this forum is the witty and erudite gentleman, Marton!
Though I have not had the pleasure of ever meeting you, I must thank you for your undying support of The Mighty Clan over these last three very difficult years.I hope to see a big turnaround this season as I know that Coach Johnson has brought in some significant new recruits. GO CLAN!!!

2008-06-26, 08:33
Go Clan indeed! The recruits list does look impressive, and the higher focus and dedication shown by the players give hope that the dark days are in fact over.

Welcome aboard!

2008-06-26, 09:30
Welcome aboard Joker, great to see another contributor from way out BC way!

2008-06-26, 15:01
...that my hero on this forum is the witty and erudite gentleman, Marton!...Don't push it, man !! ;)

He'll stay «witty and erudite» until SFU meets Laval...that's how far it goes !!

Welcome aboard, we had a few SFU beleivers in the past but they're gone...God* knows where !! Some insights from the (too) far West coast is always good to read.

* read Mahomet, Khrisna, Yahvé or whatever you need Him to be.

2008-06-26, 15:47
MartEn are you posting under another name now????:eek: :D :p

2008-06-26, 16:09
Bizz and Spud, you're just jealous.

Witty and erudite, he said. Deal with it. :D

2008-06-26, 19:58
I would love to see a Clan vs Laval matchup! And not just to test Marton's loyalties. Were the Clan to play The Mighty Rouge et Or, it would mean The Clan had won the West which is perhaps a little too much to ask for this season. But, look for a much more competitive team representing SFU this season as not only has there been some significant recruiting for the first time in over THREE years, but the returning players have done a lot of work in the weight room. Probably the most significant factor in the confident attitude of Clan fans is that for the first time in three years the players will be running the same basic system on offense and defense as the previous year. Not having to learn a whole new play calling system with all of the associated verbiage and jargon from year to year is is something that is intrinsic to the success of any team. One needs only to look at the great things that the Sask. Huskies have done over the years with basically the same plays. They have great players who run the same stuff over and over and as result are very good at what they do. I hope that with the stability that Clan has with coaches like Johnson and Deslauriers success will follow.

2008-08-26, 04:54
welcome aboard! nice ta see the mitey clan growin all this support! and marten expandin his gang...ha this sfu season is already a success!