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Wheat King
2008-06-17, 16:54

The Eskimos released six players on Tuesday including DE Isaac Keys, OL Torrin Tucker, WR Clarence Moore, DB Jamar Landrom, DB Duane Coleman and LB Mat Nesbitt.

The Riders added import DL Jimmy Verdon (Arizona State) and released import WR DaVon Folwkes and non-import WR Jeff Bolen.

The Blue Bombers signed punter Duncan O’Mahony (UBC) to help shore up some of the kicking responsibilities left after the release of Troy Westwood.

2008-06-17, 17:04
Montreal released Laval OL Luc Brodeur-Jourdain. He's coming back to Laval for his 5th year.

la Tuque
2008-06-19, 09:01
Good for the R&O...:)

2008-06-19, 09:50
Good for the R&O...:)
Yup, Laval's OLine will be HUGE this year. And fast too. Watch out for that inside run, it will slice through opposing defences like a hot knife in soft butter.

2008-06-21, 10:59
The Arblows have released Eric Maranda and Yves Hercule.

I can now put that team back on my hate list where they belong.

Wheat King
2008-06-21, 11:13
Saturday, June 21, 2008 - 11:18 AM

The Calgary Stampeders released the following players Saturday morning to reach roster limits for the 2008 Canadian Football League season:

• Defensive lineman Terrence Patrick*
• Linebacker Trey Young*
• Cornerback Crance Clemons*
• Receiver Nate Curry*
• Defensive back Jesse Burton*
• Receiver Eddie Montgomery*
• Offensive lineman Tom Dolezel
• Defensive lineman Charleston Hughes*
• Defensive lineman Hakeem Kashama
• Receiver Reggie Williams*
• Defensive back Sean Manning
• Fullback Jonathan Lapointe
• Defensive back Willie Byrd*
• Defensive back Milton Collins*
• Receiver Greg Hetherington
• Receiver James Banks*
(*-import player)

Wheat King
2008-06-21, 11:16
Montréal, June 21, 2008 – The Montreal Alouettes made their final cuts today and announced their official 46-man roster for their first regular season game this Thursday in Hamilton.

The following players have been released:

23 Richardson, Kevin RB
29 Jenkins, Corey LB
32 Firr, Terry SB
38 Sutton, Jimmy DB
39 Smith, Chris LB
42 Jennings, Chris RB
44 Whitaker, Brandon RB
49 Jackson, DeAndre CB
50 Powell, Robbie G
60 Karhut, Ryan G
62 Van Zeyl, Chris DT/G
64 Hand, Randy T
87 Smith, Brad SB
89 Godding, Keith SB
94 Mahelona, Jesse DT
97 Lucas, Ryan DT

Wheat King
2008-06-21, 11:17
2008-06-20 12:59:00

Mississauga – The Toronto Argonauts Football Club announced the following transactions today:

#80 WR Chris Cole IMP RELEASED
#70 K/P Robert Eeuwes NIP RELEASED
#6 LB Yves Hercule NIP RELEASED
#84 WR Patrick Johnson IMP RELEASED
#54 LB Eric Maranda NIP RELEASED
#27 DB Jason Shivers IMP RELEASED
#94 DE Seante Williams IMP RELEASED

Wheat King
2008-06-21, 11:19
(Vancouver) – The BC Lions Football Club announced today that the following players have been released:

QB Gino Guidugli
DB James Bethea
OL Clint Stickdorn
WR Dedrick Poole
DL Tory Collins

The club’s 46-man roster and seven-man practice squad will be announced on Saturday. The club’s 46-man roster and seven-man practice squad will be announced on Saturday.

Wheat King
2008-06-21, 11:25
The Edmonton Eskimos released the following players:

Non-Import K/P Warren Kean
Non-Import S William Loftus
Non-Import OL Terriss Paliwoda
Non-Import DL Michael Jean-Louis
Import OL Daniel Barlowe
Import RB AJ Harris
Import RB Ron McClendon
Import QB Tyler Donovan
Import LB TJ Hollowell
Import WR Greg Prator
Import WR Jermaine Jamison
Import WR Keith Stokes
Non-Import DB Jonathan Hood
Non-Import K/P Derek Shiavone
Import DB Bradley Robinson
Non-Import WR Dante Luciani
Non-Import OL Adam Rogers

Wheat King
2008-06-21, 11:28
The Hamlton Tiger-Cats released the following players:

FB Michael Giffin
OL Eric Ince
DL Adam Kania
WR Laurent Lavigne-Masse
OL Jordan Rempel
OL Gerald Davis*
WR Earnest Jackson*
LB James Kinny*
DB Dennis Mitchell*
WR Prechea Rodriguez*
LB Cameron Siskowic*
DB Bo Smith*
DL Byron Tinker*
DB Geoff Tisdale*
WR Rashaun Woods*

2008-06-21, 11:41
Congratulations to Tim St. Pierre on becoming an Edmonton Eskimo!

...now just waiting to hear on Winterpeg and Saskatchewan...

2008-06-21, 11:48
That's a whole damn lot of CIS guys that got released. Sorry they couldn't make it.

Gotta say I'm surprised Jean-Louis got released. He was a heck of a DT for Laval.

Wheat King
2008-06-21, 12:47
WINNIPEG, MB – The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced the following transactions on June 21, 2008.
The football club has released:

#14 Willie Amos, defensive back
#22 Greg Moss, defensive back
#20 Kevin Garrett, defensive back
#37 Sebastian Clovis, defensive back
#33 Brad Newman, linebacker
#46 Dwayne Slay, linebacker
#68 Kyle Sleightholm, offensive lineman
#65 Bruce McCaleb, offensive lineman
#62 Riley Clayton, offensive lineman
#17 Willie Foster, wide receiver
#10 O’Neil Wilson, wide receiver
#87 Aaron Fairooz, wide receiver
#92 Brian Guebert, fullback
#96 Don Oramasionwu, defensive lineman
#90 Nick McNeil, defensive lineman
#39 Joe Lobendahn, linebacker
#38 Marc Beswick, defensive back
#18 Cleve McCoy, quarterback
#84 Dan Sheldon, wide receiver
#24 Daryl Stephenson, running back
#43 Jordan Matechuk, linebacker
#79 Brian Monroe, punter
#93 Josh Miller, defensive lineman
#21 Casey McGahee, wide receiver
#36 Art Thomas, linebacker

Wheat King
2008-06-21, 13:38
The Roughriders have released the following players:
Import WR Ryan Bagley
Import DE Dek Bake
Import DB Jeremy Burnett
Non-Import RB Reggie Bradshaw
Import DE Matthew Chatelain
Import DT Brent Curvey
Import DB Dre Dokes
Non-Import OL Ryan Freeman
Import RB Quentin Griffin
Import DB Denetay Heard
Import WR Brian Hernandez
Import DE Devon Hicks
Import DB Tad Kornegay
Import DB Brandon Lynch
Import WR Vincent Marshall
Non-Import QB Teale Orban
Import LB Brock Stratton
Import DT Jimmy Verdon
Import DB EJ Whitley
Non-Import DB Jeff Zelinski

The Roughriders have placed the following on the injured list:
Import RB Henri Childs
Import OL Amariah Farrow
Non-Import RB Stu Foord
Non-Import WR Chris Getzlaf
Import DB Airabin Justin
Non-Import OL Steve Morley

The Roughriders have placed the following on the 9-game injured list:
Non-Import WR David McKoy
Non-Import OL Jean Francois Morin-Roberge
Import QB Drew Tate

2008-06-21, 13:51
So Orban is going back to the Rams... Should be good for the CIS. And I'll bet he gets another try next year.

2008-06-21, 17:15
Why no love for Mark Dewit, ex of the Dinos? Just 21 years old, youngest guy at the combine, youngest guy drafted...sticks with the Argos, on the active roster!

During the ex-game versus the Ticats, he played the second quarter at left guard, played in the third at right guard and took two series in the fourth at center. He is now the 6th lineman for the Argos! This after playing all last year with the Dinos at left tackle.

Still has two years of elegibility left.

Way to go Mark!

2008-06-21, 17:46
Why no love for Mark Dewit, ex of the Dinos? Just 21 years old, youngest guy at the combine, youngest guy drafted...sticks with the Argos, on the active roster!
:rolleyes: Because we hate his guts?

Seriously, much more likely we didn't notice before you mentioned it. We each follow players out of our own backyard, in addition to stars like Orban obviously.

This being said, he's with the Argos. Impressive feat at 21 but still, no love for sure. ;)

2008-06-21, 17:50
Oh, and just wondering, how come he's with a CFL team already???

CIS guys get drafted after their 4th year after all. Or at age 24 IIRC. Neither of which applies to him. So what's his story?

2008-06-21, 17:59
Mark redshirted first year, played d end year two (1 year of eligibility), played left guard year three (2nd year of eligibility) and tackle last year four (3rd year of eligiblity). Two years of eligibility left but had to go into the draft because of his 4 years of school.

2008-06-22, 03:23
Not seeing his name, I presume P-L Yao stuck with the Eskimos.

Good for him.

2008-06-22, 03:35
Not seeing his name, I presume P-L Yao stuck with the Eskimos.

Good for him.
Yup, him and Ciezki are both listed on Edmonton's roster.

So is Concordia's Sammy Okpro who was the most dominant DB in the Q the past few years. Seems he got through camp with a roster spot too.

2008-06-22, 06:17
Why no love for Mark Dewit, ex of the Dinos? Just 21 years old, youngest guy at the combine, youngest guy drafted...sticks with the Argos, on the active roster!

Good job Dewit but then why no love for O'Neill? Even though its about being in the right place at the right time its about being ready when that time comes. Shout out to the other Dinos OL in CFL camp Tim O'Neill. He also had a great exh. series and has stuck on the Stampeders active roster. Great job by former CIS All Canadian and pro Rohn Meyer who is the Dinos OL coach and to the offseason conditioning the team is doing. That should help bring more guys who want the best development out there as long as their marks are good enough to get into the u of c. Guess there's a new OL factory in the CW. :D

2008-06-22, 07:11
Dinos batting .1000
.1000 ain't that good. 1.000 is much better. :p

Congrats to all who got to keep their dreams alive, even those who get to do it with the Argos. :)

Wheat King
2008-06-22, 08:03
East Division on Cuts:

West Division on Cuts:

2008-06-22, 14:09
Montreal have announced their PR :

37 Gauthier, Phillip LB

39 Smith, Chris DB

42 Jennings, Chris RB (I think)

44 Whitaker, Brandon RB (I think)

60 Karhut, Ryan OL

62 Van Zeyl, Chris OL

89 Godding, Keith WR

Wheat King
2008-06-22, 16:03
Blue Bombers Set Practice Roster

WINNIPEG, MB – The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced the following players have signed practice roster agreements with the football club:

#14 Willie Amos, defensive back

#92 Brian Guebert, fullback

#39 Joe Lobendahn, linebacker

#38 Marc Beswick, defensive back

#93 Josh Miller, defensive lineman

#21 Casey McGahee, wide receiver