View Full Version : so I had to RE-register?

2007-11-24, 09:22
Oop! Sorry guys, I guess it's been a while, I didn't know I had to RE-register for the site!

Well, I'm no_frill (Mike) graduating out of Laurier in '04 and UofT in '05, so I get the opportunity to cheer for both the best and the worst (now official!).

Been a die hard Laurier fan since I missed homecoming in 2000 because of a friend's birthday and watched Laurier beat Western on the last second touchdown pass. I was coordinator of Hawksquad for a year, and a member of the exec, building what I think are some of the greatest hecklers to have ever set foot in the CIS. (Though the level has really dropped...we have to work on the younger Hawksquad generation).

I was out of the country last year, in Korea, and had to stream the Vanier on-line. It was INFURIATING! Every big play it would stop streaming RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT! Not to mention that it was on at 3 in the morning!

But I'm glad to be back, even though I go into hibernation in Winter...

Looking forward to the '08 Laurier Championship team.