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la Tuque
2007-10-17, 08:49
I'm gonna go on a limb here & throw a challenge to V&O fans, should there be any over the age of consent on this forum. :rolleyes:

VO was my favourite drink till I met Captain Morgan. Is that what the team initials stand for? "Very Old" CEGEP grads? :p

Last time out teams met, you guys got the short end of the stick & I heard all your excuses:

14 hour bus trip
Not used to playing on ski moguls
Ran out of Laurentide half way through the game
First time you had sea food that didn't come out of a can
Them X Cheerleaders sure were an "eye full" :D

Well, we're gonna take our game to your house. We'll likely be green with envy once we see your facilities, but you'll be blue in the face when you look at the score board after the final play of the game.

Any taker?

I'M IN!!!

2007-10-17, 12:25
Still nothing??? :confused:

la Tuque
2007-10-17, 13:27
Still nothing??? :confused:
Naw!!! Looks like a waste of a brand new thread for nuttin' if you ask me. :rolleyes:

Maybe I can talk the Twin to suit up as leprechaun & throw his dress in... ;)

2007-10-17, 13:29
That's a lot of focus on dresses with those two... ;)

la Tuque
2007-10-17, 13:34
That's a lot of focus on dresses with those two... ;)
Jealousy, Marton. Just a plain question of jealousy :o

The Twin still won't put on an X Avatar after last week's loss. Says X was "chicken" for not kicking to Ross.. :rolleyes:

la Tuque
2007-10-18, 17:06
No wonder V&O fans won't get involved in Avatar challenges. Just found this article in Sherbrooke's La Tribune :D :D :D

La Tribune - Sports
Sherbrooke, October 18, 2007

A massive crown of at least 40 fans is expected for the game pitting the Antigonowhere X-Men to the Brook Sheer Vert & Or Saturday. Weather is expected to be a major factor in the game, with a forecasted chilling 17 C and 60% chances of precipitation.

Campus security will be beefed up to twice the number of 200 goons normally hired for Carabins games, for fear that the deprived X-Men will want to bring their game to the cute cheerleaders rather than to the football field.

The V&O has yet to win one against the X-Men. The team is not too confident of reversing this trend, judging on the lack of fans gutsy enough to get involved in an Avatar Challenge with rookie La Tuque.

Nevertheless, the new format co-ed practice of players & cheerleaders has been well received by all, with a lot of emphasis placed on ear plugging to guard against the vociferous X coaches.

Both the X-Men and the V&O have their back against the wall to earn a play-off spot in their respective conference. Both teams “showed up” this year for their game against Laval and neither seem willing to repeat the experience.

Expect a really high scoring game as both teams will do their best to lose this one & take the “honourable way” out of play-off contention.

This game will not be televised, webcasted or radio broadcasted to spare fans of other teams who appreciate good to average football..

Front page picture of the team practice below



2007-10-18, 21:16
Now that's just darn plain mean. :D If such an elaborate effort does not get their attention, nothing will!

Mrs Trk
2007-10-19, 04:25
"This game will not be televised, webcasted or radio broadcasted to spare fans of other teams who appreciate good to average football."

Hilarious LT.. :D :D :D