View Full Version : ProfylactyX vs BigMistake: Friday Night Showdown

professor x
2007-10-01, 17:51
It started in the Pub.

It ends here.

You're going down.

2007-10-01, 20:06
either of you going to the game?

2007-10-01, 20:24
either of you going to the game?

i'll be outa town, but hopefully relyin on good ol' Sir Spudley for updates. Is there web radio or anything?

edit: Spud, can ya ship a few "purples" to prof and end his misery...man's delirious...

2007-10-05, 11:33
Oh Profffffffffffff...yer new avi's ready...:D :D :D

just checkin out prof's new 'raingear' for next week...:D :D :D

2007-10-06, 16:30
u pullin a "runner" again prof? how long do i havta wear this before u'll quit lurkin and pick it up...:p

2007-10-08, 20:11
Seems prof has disappeared again :o ... funny thing, last year, first game SMU/X, I wore an avi of your choosing and sang the praise of X for a week, etc. The return game, SMU won, and guess what...you disappeared for a week.

gee guess what prof, SMU beats X last friday, and you havent been heard from again :o ...

prof, put yer X avi back on. :o

2007-10-08, 22:12
geez BJ.. give Prof a break until Tuesday, would ya? It was Thanksgiving and all... he might've been spending it with some family. Not everyone had the time to be posting on here this weekend.

Hopefully he's not pulling a run on ya...

2007-10-09, 13:16
....a toast to all that is good on .org, skip the long speech and a stiff glass of welch grape juice, may we never dishonour
this board nor repudiate the fun nor shirk our responsibilities nor fail our .org brethren in our pursuit of entertainment on this fine board. may we skip and skate merrily through another great CIS season. Alas, the VC will evade some teams and neglect others but it's pursuit will never defraud...here's to the CIS and .org! And may all enjoy their avi challenges...

la Tuque
2007-10-09, 13:59
:D :D :D

How many "toasts" did it take to get you to that point?