View Full Version : I think I might like this place.....

2007-10-01, 09:22
Ooooooohh,,,,,,Look what I found.....:p

2007-10-01, 09:31
Just in time for that Oct 13th football clinic Laval will give to SMU !! :D

I found that smily...for some reason, it fits perfectly ;)


2007-10-01, 09:36
Cardinal, you bignosed, two toothed, hairy eared, WEENIE.....yours is coming......you best be someoneplace where SIR SPUD can find you on the 13th, cause the only thing Laval is going to learn is that they are second best program in country.:p

BTW, did ever get that 6th toe removed? And how are the scabs on your knuckles...from where they drag on the ground?:D