View Full Version : Hi Everyone!

Gael Force
2007-09-18, 16:10
I have been tuning into this site daily during the CIS season for the last 3 years. I have really enjoyed reading everyones thoughts and opinions. The passion that you show towards your teams is amazing. I hope I can add to your discussions, and maybe even be somewhat controversial. It won' take you long to figure out where my passions are.

Mrs Trk
2007-09-18, 16:27
Glad to have another "reformed lurker" joining in! :D Gonna be QUITE the weekend in the CIS! ;)

Gael Force
2007-09-18, 16:30
I agree, can't wait til Sat. night. I'll be on the sideline at Windsor, should be a good game.

Mrs Trk
2007-09-18, 16:35
And I'll be at SMU watching the Huskies taking care of unfinished business with Concordia :p ;)

2007-09-18, 16:56
Welcome aboard Gael Force, glad to see you decided to join the discussion! Hope you have fun adding in your thoughts on Queens and the CIS and all that!

2007-09-19, 07:25
Welcome aboard. This place is becoming better everyday.

2007-09-19, 08:35
Welcome aboard. Your team is off to a great start. ;)