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la Tuque
2015-11-16, 16:03
I can’t believe that the last Avatar Challenge was 364 days ago. WHAT THE HELL!!! What happened to this darn forum??? Dot.org used to be the meeting place for REAL fans, members who were serious about their team, who cheered for them come hell or high water, who regularly put their most valuable assets, their Avatar, on the line each and every week, who were the envy of every QC, OUA and Western fans who just sat back and watched the action, who would snicker privately instead of posting, for fear of appearing human instead of zombies.

What caused that situation aside from the disappearance of Spud, Wineskin, BigJake and other fan-atics??? Well, I’ll tell you what.

It’s current members who know Sweet F..k All about CIS football. Their leader is Hollywood, an immigrant from North Korea, too stupid to realize that Kim Jon Un forcefully deported him because he feared that his poor reasoning skills could harm the country. What never ceases to amaze me is that so many of you are drinking his Kool Aid and are giving credibility to his nonsense posts. I have it from a good source that Anonymous is so upset with his stupidity that it opened a new hacker cell, called the “Jarboni Revenge”, to shut Hollywood down before he spreads more idiocies on his Top 27 garbage posts. Anonymous has the full support of the AUS as well as the OUA bottom feeders.

Next culprit has to be Slew, an addicted gambler who preys on the gullibility of lifeless members who believe that they can predict the outcome of AUS games. Dream on guys.

Next has to be Jim Mullin and his buddy Dubé, two Western Liberals obviously seriously lacking attention, who are trying to rock the boat by changing CIS football, a dynasty which has proven its worth and durability since 1965, ran by dinosaurs conservatives refusing to adapt to current times.

Don’t forget Maple, our most erudite member, who wrote the bible on CIS football history. How the heck can he sit passively and watch Hollywood and the likes vomit their uninformed comments on such serious matters is beyond me.

There are soooo many more of you guys I would love to chastise, but I’m running out of time and must elaborate on THIS Avater challenge.

THE BACKGROUND (remember: statistics DON’T LIE)

The X-Men and the Ladas (I mean T-Birds) will go at it next weekend. Hollywood and his disciples will try to convince you that the second-hand car will prevail BUT, before you decide to bet your Avatar on the Good or the Bad guys, please take the following into consideration from the game the two antagonists played last week:

Possession time: Ladas 28:10; Good Guys: 32:27. Advantage Good Guys
Penalties: Ladas 9 – 70; good Guys: 10 – 92. Advantage Good Guys (penalties make games more challenging)
First down rushing: Ladas 7; Good Guys: 6; Advantage Good guys (due to strong wind)
First down passing: Ladas 14; Good Guys 6. Advantage Good Guys (throwing into the wind)
Total offensive plays: Ladas 57; Good Guys 64 (major Good Guy advantage)
Sacks: Ladas 3-19; Good Guys 3-16. Advantage good Guys.
Had intercepted: Ladas 1; Good Guys 0. Advantage Good Guys
Completions – attempts: Ladas 27 – 40; Good Guys 15 – 31 (WOW for the Good Guys)
Net Yards rushing: Ladas 101; Good Guys 148. (I should stop here but I want to rub it in…)
Rush attempts: Ladas 17; Good Guys 33. (Holy Caca. Same your money and stay home)
Head Coach: Ladas: a darn vegetarian rookie benefiting from players recruited by his predecessor, lucky to play in the weakest conference in North America; Good Guys: A battle-tested veteran forced by his boss to coach with a hand tied behind his back. Advantage Good Guys.



Now, after reading this expert assessment, I would be surprised that any Lada fan would take me on this Avatar challenge. However, should there be any, Please start a post saying

I’m IN

This challenge applies to all other CanWest fans who are frustrated to see their conference so poorly represented nationally by a team they feel should not be there. If you don’t want to be losers again, you should cheer for the Good Guys. I might as well extend this challenge to the poor QC fans, who don’t have a hope in hell to see the bums represent them at the big dance.

This challenge IS NOT open to OUA fans because the Good Guys will meet Guelph at the VC.


Should you bet against the Good Guys and lose, you shall wear my Tuque till December 31, 2015. You won’t have to post to praise the Good Guys as, in spite of all, I value our friendship and won’t force you to embarrass yourself. However, should I wake up in a bad mood one day, I reserve the right to start a special thread and post your picture wearing my Tuque.

In the very unlikely event that I lose this challenge, I pledge to wear the Avatar chosen by the first member who accepts my challenge, from 10:45 AM, December 24, 20015, to noon the same day. That's my way of posting odds on the game... :D

2015-11-18, 13:20
La Tuque, la Tuque, la Tuque...what can one say? I think you must have fallen one-too-many times off your ATV/snowmobile and hit your head while mercilessly stalking our precious widlife through the boreal forests of Quebec/Labrador. In fact, I have heard it said that you, personally, may be responsible for the drastic population decline of the George River caribou herd.

2015-11-18, 16:20
Tabarnak Latuque !!

You're on fire my friend !! is it because ?

X is playing in the Uteck or the fact that you're now living in La Baie, Quebec, among people that I've been marrying family members for generations ..:p

Are you sure you can watch the X-UBC game from your remote compound in La Baie ? in any case you're welcome to my place anytime ... only one condition : you don't molest my dog or harrass the maid like you did the last time you came over !! LOL :o

And what about the tuque you've offered for the avatar challenge !! Is it the same one I pee'd in the last time we were together at the VC ?? :eek:

You know what would be awesome ? X against the Bums at the VC !! who knows ?

Then I would take any challenge you throw amigo !! And I have one to offer you :

Carabins win : you come to my place and cook some meat !! we will buy the stuff at IGA since you probably have nothing to bring from your last hunting trip !! :eek:

X win by less than 14: You go to Anticosti at my expense and realize the dream of a lifetime ... finally bring back something from a hunting trip :D

X win by more than 14: You go to Anticosti at my expense with the JBT ....The Justin-Bozo-trio ... Trudeau-Bieber-Éthier .... don't count on them to shoot anything !! selfies only LOL ! :(

Take care amigo ... and good luck to X

Russ , the Official CIS Fottball forum Liquor Board :cool:

la Tuque
2015-11-18, 18:22
I was planning to go to the VC & treat you and my R&O friends to moose meat fondue, after picking you up at home of course, but I have out of town friends dropping over to check out the beautiful inbred ladies in my neighbourhood. However, if X makes it to the big game, I'm taking them (the inbreds, not my friends) to the tailgate at the PEPS.

Had to sell my small freezer & buy a bigger one for my share of the four moose we got. About 275 lbs of it for me... :evil:

So, next time I'm in your area, whatever the reason, I'm treating you to a meal you'll never forget in exchange for a taste of the booze you're collecting from the gullible wagers who still have to figure out that you are a very successful professional gambler.

As far of the challenge goes, I have no problem putting my Tuque on the block. I wore it during the hunting season and it stinks a bit from the moose urine I used to mask my odour...


Here is a pic of 8 moose quarters hanging in our shed at the camp