View Full Version : Hello ... room here for a CARABIN fan ?

2007-09-11, 18:22
I've been reading the cisfootball forum for some time , not sure if I should join, scared to be rougeetored by the many Laval cocky die-hard fans !


Q conference :

LAVAL : Cocky as ever ! Only Laval can beat it itself !!

Well !! Benoit Groulx , the 35 pounds overweight porky QB, is hurt !! So fat after eating mom's meat pie all summer ... SHAME

Fortunately for R&O fans , the back-up QB Cesar - hernandez - de la puta, has been ousted by a rookie QB, Bruno Prud'homme . No one can be a great QB with a name like that !! Remember Jake Del'homme LOL

ConU : new uniforms won't do it !! Mcgrath out after the season

Sherby : Improvement overrated !

Mcgill : great school , but to finish LAST

Bishopssss : We love you guys !!

Carabins : Watch out !! they lost some key players , the're about to send a message :

next week when they beat ConU 20-13 and in October at the CEPSUM when they shock the CIS by beating the ROUZÉOR 24-3 !! YESSSSS


CARABINS - ROUGE É OR human matcups the NIKKI'S


Nikki Demers : unbelievable story . Young korean adopted .... GEEZZZZ

Just check on GOOGLE ....


Nikki Bisaillon : Arrested by the Quebec city Police after the pre-season game against the SASK Huskies ( someone fell from the third floor in an apartment in the poor-welfared area of Montcalm near Cartier street ). Nikki had a fight with the policemen , was arrested for fighting with the policemen )
He was allowed to play the 2006 season since the ROUGÉOR management put some pressure on the ministere de la Justice to delay the trial after the football season . Nikki Bizzi was a key factor in the ROUZÉOR victory in the Q conference game against CON-U and also in the VC where he returned a punt for a big gain at the end of the game .... Helped by an obvious clip unseen by the refs ..... TOWRISS was so mad !!

But this is a new season

Go Carabins !! Kill the ROZIES !!

2007-09-11, 18:32
hmmmm... happy you took a break from watching soccer to bitch every succesful team in the Q.

now that you've made your big entrance, hope you actually have something constructive to say.

anyway, welcome aboard, and remember, we love you too.

la Tuque
2007-09-11, 18:59
... Go Carabins !! Kill the ROZIES !!
MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED - A Carabins fan to take forum pressure off X Fans ....

Have fun, R&O fans :D :D :D :D

24: Don't you even dare pee this guy off :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Welcome aboard and remember, they DON'T love you :D :D :D :D

2007-09-12, 02:59
... by the many Laval cocky die-hard fans !

Yes, there are many of us ; compared to the Carabin's fans that are very very few and disapear at the end of October each year...

Well !! Benoit Groulx , the 35 pounds overweight porky QB, is hurt !! So fat after eating mom's meat pie all summer ... SHAME

And Larosiliere weigh how much ??? :D :D :D Great tactic BTW, they want the D line to mistake him for an Oline guy :p

Welcome aboard and don't worry, you ARE alone !!! But we'll keep it civilized ;)

2007-09-12, 03:41
hohly.....where is your avatar?:eek: :eek:

Dr Johnny Fever
2007-09-12, 04:43
Well well well. They do exist :eek: ... I thought Carabins fans were just a fragment of my imagination.

Looks like things suddenly got more interesting around here. :D

Welcome Russell. Make yourself at home and do participate in our discussions. Just don't disappear after the Stingers beat your team this weekend.

2007-09-12, 08:20
hohly.....where is your avatar?:eek: :eek:

LOL, I hadn't even noticed. I'll correct this tonight at home.

Thx Spudman

2007-09-12, 08:29
sacre bleu, quite the entrance :eek: ...should make for some interestin yakkin in the Q... ;) gonna take more than yakkin to beat Laval tho ... now where's dem meat pies... :)

Rozies ... ha ... ilike that ... :D

2007-09-16, 18:34
Hey Russel, is it me or Santerre fielded the cheerleaders for 2 games? :eek: Because the only thing that looked like a man on the field was the fat water boy wearing number 10 ... I am so sad he left as a contender in "the biggest looser" show to join "the biggest loosing team" as water boy...

Anyway, welcome home and please don't forget, here we say "The Champions" when speaking of the proud Rouge et Or ... but maybe it is not part of your vocabulary. :( I know the UdeM school still have some problem with their language faculty.:confused: If they could stop investing in that "cheat, lie and vicious moves" program ... maybe it could help them.:D

Oh and I really appreciate the time and effort you've made to write this post ... but I strongly suggest you attend "How to insult a Winnie" with Professor Spud in "The Pub" if you ever want to be successful ... even if I know that anyone that cheer for the Carabins does not really care about success anyway.;)

2007-09-17, 12:39
Always room for another Quebec football fan...especially since we tend to get our fill of LU brethern....lol...j/k guys...

2007-09-17, 14:11
Russell, I like your style. What the Laval fans lack in quality comebacks, they compensate with the amount of time and posts they will use to try to make it back. I hope you are not too busy this fall, because these guys have got no jobs and the senior hockey (their previous love) season has not yet started.

So, watch out Russell and welcome aboard. I will be available in a couple of weeks to put my avatar on the line when Mtl come to Sackville.

2007-09-24, 15:30
Russell ??? Were are you dude, we have to talk !!! Did you get the November Syndrome early ?

2007-10-18, 10:55
Hey hey !

I'm a Carabins fan! Just want to say hi all.


2 weeks left, a lot can happen. this year's really fun. With the Carabins building up a pretty good momentum, and with they OT win against Sherbrooke last week, anything can happen.

2007-10-18, 14:20
Hey Arguyle !

Welcome aboard ! Not much sympathy in here for the Carabins (and some of their fans don't help either), but I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

Hope the Carabins can «clean up their act» and rejoin the top teams.

PS : I'm a fan of the Carabin uniforms :)

2007-10-18, 15:08
PS : I'm a fan of the Carabin
We know... ;)

2007-10-18, 20:02
Nice to see another Carabin fan. I like Montreal mostly because of their uniforms. But also a little bit because of the old saying the enemy (Montreal) of my (U of S Huskies) enemy (Laval) is my friend.

2007-10-21, 11:21
welcome arguyle! i've got a pair a socks with the same name....:D