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2007-09-11, 09:20
speakin of skels in the closet! ... that friggin pipsqueek pepe latuque locked me in the friggin closet in his dump of a trailer the end of last season. "Ca va Jake, u weeeesh to montre le SMU heX game at zee trailer?" i shoulda clicked in rite then, where the heck is a swampsuckin grocery cart stealin flea infested shine swillin skunk trappin trailer trash x fan gonna get cable?!, let alone a tv and power?! but SMU fans are always friend to the needy and downtrodden...sure tuquey, why not... "zee tv est tru zat la porte over dere, fersure jake mon ami"... dark in here tuquey, ou est le jar a fireflies? SLAM! the door shuts... holy mackarel tuquey, u actually got a door in this heap... "Take zat u hesSeMU fan u! now moi, la tuquey will be vous jake! and gets all dee hesSemU secrets, est il pas aussi?" geeez tuquey wrong guy, i dont know shite from shinola man...but guess he found that out the last game of the season when SMU dismantled dem bums ... heh heh

luckily i'm "bigboned" ... :-) ... and was able to survive with no sustenance thru the offseason... it was dark in that closet and friggin crowded with all the bones ... guess those antigonowhere jed clampetts will trap anything... but i never gave up... i came too one time and felt somethin soft and plumpy.... what's this? ol tuquey musta swapped clothes with his "girlfriend" recently while i was passed out from thirst and starvation. for she ended up in the closet albeit sans her tutu but still wearin her 6 inch "fm's"...it was the break i needed! i reached deep inside myself for all those macgyver episodes
i was forced to watch while babysittin tuquey when he was allowed out for weekends or was able to have visitors..."ey jake, dis macgyver, he iss un smart cookie no" ol tuquey would say before the prescribed pills kicked in and he drifted back into that fantasyland he goes to where x is always on its way to the VC and actually wins games...ha

so knowin tuqueys girl had to be right full of deadly combustible exhaled swampgas/shine/skunk breath (tuquey likes em fullfigured...) and not hearin tuquey stumblin around on shine the other side a the door - he was either passed out, gettin his stamps, trappin skunk or down stealin carts, i pulled the rubber heel offa the fm and usin the exposed stilleto slightly punctured the ol girl and pointed her under the door. it was only a matter a time before the gas made it to the everpresent pilot on the still and KABOOM! the dump went up! the trashheap trailer blewed up good. it was a shame to lose the only door in the park ... and now all tuqueys skeletons are outta the closet...
but whaddayagonnado?...

so i'm back if ya'll have me. it's a great bunch on here. lookin forward to the new season and reacquantin with the old and new good folks here,... and the udders...say how's prof by the way :D . now i need to lysol my pm and avatar space and clean out the trash tuquey left... phew what a stink that x crap left ... great to be back!


la Tuque
2007-09-11, 10:56
... great to be back!

That's all I was waiting to read, BJ ;)

BTW, I spotted you 19 posts. Want me to do the same next time X plays SMU :D :D :D

2007-09-11, 18:21
Welcome back Big Jake, if all your posts are as funny as above I am sure I am going to enjoy them.

2007-09-12, 10:16
welcome back BigMistake!!!! I look forward to discussing CIS ball with you (even though I don't have close to as much time as I used to spend on this site) I am more of a one AM - one PM visit now adays. But, it could change when MTA start winning games this year (this weekend) :-)

2007-09-12, 14:43
Great to have you back BigJake!

2007-09-12, 15:13
... a swampsuckin grocery cart stealin flea infested shine swillin skunk trappin trailer trash x fan...
Greatest insult I've read in a long time! :eek::cool::D:) Did you follow my course?

It's great to have you back! :)