View Full Version : Hey y'all

2014-11-05, 10:59
I'm Chinook.
U of C fan, living in Calgary.
Am usually one of those 1200 lonely souls sitting in the stands at McMahon watching the Dinos play.
Been lurking for a while and decided it was time to join in.

2014-11-05, 11:18
Welcome aboard Chinook, it's warmer in here compared to McMahon.....

2014-11-05, 16:20
Welcome. It can get very warm here when we fight about this and that...

2014-11-06, 07:46
Thanks guys.

2014-11-06, 07:48
Welcome! Take a seat around the fireplace and do not hesitate to join the conversation!

Early apologies for the Uteck Bowl. Calgary are still a good team, no matter how much Laval destroy their lines. :p

2014-11-06, 08:19
Thanks marton.
The only consolation that I can take with respect to your comment about what will happen during the Uteck, is that there was a lot of similar talk coming from the Western camp before last year's Mitchell.
I enjoyed sitting in chilly McMahon during that game.

Like, really enjoyed it.