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2007-09-05, 12:02

I am Mattrak, a washed up Mount Allison allumnus:( (who wishes he had some years left:) ). I am originally from Montreal and would have probably gone to Université de Montréal to play ball if they would have had a program back then. When I got out of CEGEP, Coach Labadie, the first Laval HC, recruited us and we did not take him too seriously. We were simply not interested in going to Quebec City to go to school and play on a new program. I still live in Montreal and I'm a big fan of the Quebec and Maritimes conferences. I start caring about the O and the West as the season progresses and the playoff picture forms.

So, I went to MTA and experienced quite a bit of success, individually and collectively. We went from 1-7 in 1995 to the preseason # 1 ranked team in 1998. We won our conference in 1997. I led the CIS in sacks in 1998 and 1999, was an all canadian and MTA's athlete of the year in 1999. As you can see, I'm not really hiding behind my avatar (not that there is anything wrong with that:) ), but you have to do 3 minutes of research to find my name.

I love MTA Football and don't really have a second favorite team. My second favorite team was les Carabins, but not anymore, as they are playing at MTA this year, making them enemies of the program.

A lot of guys can remember me as being one of few MTA faithful during the leaner years. I now have a posse and we are very excited about this upcoming season at MTA. We had a very good recruiting class and all our players have got an extra years of experience under their belts.

Expect MTA to be in the mix and if you play them soft, who ever you are, you will lose.


2007-09-05, 12:18
Welcome back mattrak, great to see you back around these parts again! Best of luck to your Mounties this season, they could really make some noise! And of course, always great to have another 'Fins fan around here too :)

Dr Johnny Fever
2007-09-05, 12:53
Welcome back !!!! Thought that you had permanently disappeared especially with the season about to start.

My second favorite team was les Carabins, but not anymore, as they are playing at MTA this year, making them enemies of the program.

Great news, now you can cheer for the Stingers :D Don't let the Laval fans sway you to the dark side ;)

Mrs Trk
2007-09-05, 14:11
Mattrak, you represent the heart of the Mounties. When I'm not skaking my SMU Head Cheerleader pompoms, I'm rooting for "your team" too.

OMG this is gonna be the best season!! :D :D :D :D

2007-09-05, 15:42
Welcome back Mattrak !!

With that kind of self-description, my guess is you know the rules; thus a no-fit for a Laval supporter. ;)

Looking forward to see you wear a Bishop's avatar.... :D

2007-09-05, 17:00
Welcome home Mattrak! Go Mounties!

2007-09-05, 17:13
theres nothing better than having a "POP OR TWO" watching the Mounties than having a "pop or two" with MATTRAK watching the Mounties
Welcome back

2007-09-05, 17:32
during the leaner years everyone was hoping for the mounties, especially when they played x.

now, only most of us are still hoping for the mounties. beat acadia's ass, but not too badly because i don't want to have to start giving sympathy support to the axemen.

la Tuque
2007-09-05, 20:13
Welcome back, Mattrak. The Twin and I missed you a whole bunch. We went through hell after the old dot.org forum burned down, especially with some regulars quitting and so on. BigJake seems to be the only old timer still missing... :o

But, like Mount A, the rest of us are survivors. ;)

Le Mount A Twin
2007-09-05, 20:20
Hey, Mattrack. Glad you're back. Mount A fans on this forum need someone with gusto to get the Avatar challenges going in the Pub. :D

Seems to me that Axe fans are afraid to go there... :confused:

2007-09-06, 05:27
Welcome back.

You put me on the horn of a dilemma. Will I support the Carabin (yeurk!) or support the same team as you for this game?

2007-09-06, 09:00
Hey Hatrack....good to have you back.....did a little bird tell me that you are a new dad?:eek:

2007-09-06, 09:06
Oh! Yes! Congratulations!

2007-09-06, 09:44
Hey, Meatrack!!!

Glad to see you back. The best to the Mounties in 2007. Too bad they'll get a real thumping in the playoffs against SMU. ;)

I seldom check the forum these days. :o I'm a new dad too - twin girls. I'm just too busy, particularly at night, just like you ahahahahahaha ... details below.


But now that you're here, I just might make a come back too ... that darn LT keeps pressuring me to get back in the swing of things. He keeps telling me that SMU is a shoe-in for the VC this year, you know, all that typical swamp gas thing. But I must respect his opinion 'cause he's telling the Truth for a change, and I keep telling him that SMU doesn't need me to do well this year 'cause all my other SMU buddy members are looking after things well.

That X creep got me a new spell check & I can't pose as a Red Neck any more. It even decides on proper grammar & punctuation. Man, that's not me & I hate looking like an X geek on the forum :mad:

I'll decide after the SMU @ X game if I return. Must look after paying back that stupid favour the X cross-dresser... As if I needed him to make a real fool of myself :rolleyes: :D :D :D

From the Bride & me, the best to you & your extended family ;)

la Tuque
2007-09-06, 10:10
BigJerky: Not worth repeating the garbage he posted about me ...:mad:
You really crossed the line this time, Buddy :mad:

This thread is to be used to welcome Mattrak back to the forum, you fool, not to blast me!!! :mad:

If you think you're so funny, go do your thing in the Pub, like I try to do...

You'll pay for this big time. I give you till Sunday supper time to start posting again on a regular basis or I'll let the BIG SKELETON out of the closet.


You've been warned... You know where to reach me.

LT ;)

PS for The Bride: Plse talk some sense into that poor excuse you have for a hubby (is it hobby) :D :D :D ;)

2007-09-07, 21:51
Welcome back Mattrak! Nice to have at least one Carabins fan back on .ORG. :D

Welcome in the "new daddies club". I am also enjoying the pleasure of paternity since July. ;)

2007-09-08, 07:49
thanks for all the warm welcomes guys (and Madame Turk).

It is true, I have a 4 week old little bundle of joy at home. She is very nice and let's Mattrak sleep a little bit.

Now, who is this beef jerky, trying to shine on my thread? ON top of that diurty mexican, it looks like I already got some straightening out to do. No one told these two fools who I am? :-)

Anyways, I'm glad BigMistakle is back. Congrats to him and Phil for the new additions to their respective families.

FYI, I do not have as much time as I used to spend on this site so you will all have to wait a bit longer for the wisdom. I am already backlogged. I wanted to give Mattrak's report from the Mtl @ McGill game (could have been way uglier..., 29 years old Dimitri "The Cat" Kiernan, starting at fullback... All Universe Larosilière getting god knows how many time count violations...).

Anyways, gotta love them Mounties.